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How to Open Outlook PST file with PST Viewer software?

View Outlook items from PST files & Convert/Migrate PST files into 15+ conversion options.

eSoftTools Free PST Viewer Software, to view data from from both Unicode and ANSI PST files. Access outlook email, contacts, calendar, journal, task, notes, and other mailbox items. Open corrupted/ encrypted as well as healthy PST files with ease. Get preview of each item on separate screen with all their associated information. In addition, easily Convert & Migrate PST files to 15+ conversion options.

Step-1) Download eSoftTools Outlook PST Viewer Software on your computer and perform its installation.
Launch the software, & click the Select PST button.
PST Viewer Software Main Screen
Step-2) From the next opened screen, choose file adding option:-
  • Single PST File Conversion: - for adding a single PST file from local drive.
  • Bulk PST File Conversion: - To add several Outlook PST files at one time.
PST Viewer file selection mode
Step-3) Import and load Outlook PST files into the software by selecting these options.
Browse & Select Outlook files

1) Hit the "Select PST File" or "Search PST File" button.
  • Select PST File: - Select and add a PST file manually from drive
  • Search PST File: - Search PST files from unknown location of drive and add to the software.
select pst/ost/nst
2) Once you have added PST files, press the "Start Scanning" button.
Add Outlook PST files in Batch mode

1) Click on Add PST file or Add PST folder button and add multiple PST files into the software.
select or add ost/nst/pst files in bulk
2) Import all selected PST files into the software, then hit the "Start Scanning" button.
Step-4) Scan PST files and extract all Outlook mailbox folders and items from it.
extract outlook folders from PST
Step-5) Expand the mail folders of PST files and load its inner sub-folders and items.

Click on each PST file's inner item and get its preview easily

Double click on each PST file's inner item and view them on a separate screen.
preview Outlook items with attachments from PST file

Convert/ Migrate PST files with PST Viewer tool Pro and Pro plus edition by applying the steps shown below: -

Convert PST to New PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, NSF, vCard, ICS, Thunderbird, Zimbra(TGZ): -
Step-6) Select PST file's inner mail folders and click on Save PST button.

From the next screen, choose a file format from the options- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, NSF, vCard, ICS, Thunderbird, Zimbra(TGZ).

    Apply other required settings in the software: -

  • Mail Filtering:- Choose a start and end date to export emails of a specific date range from PST files.
  • Naming Convention :- Choose a naming convention format to get new files with custom name.
  • Saving Location:- Select location where you want to save PST files.
conversion options
    Export options/ conversion formats offered by PST Viewer software:-
  • Export to PST:- Export data from older PST files to new PST. (Get separate PST files during batch file conversion mode.)
    • Split PST: - Break resultant files into smaller parts by different size ranges (1GB, 2GB, 3, 4, ...... 25GB)
  • Single PST for all Mailbox:- Convert old PST to new PST and save data of multiple files to a Single PST file while bulk conversion.
  • Export to EML:- Export Emails from PST files and save each emails to separate EML file
  • Export to EMLX:- Convert PST files with emails into Apple Mail compatible EMLX files. (save each email to individual EMLX file).
  • Export to HTML:- Export and save PST file's emails to HTML files for opening them with web browsers.
  • Export to MHTML:- Export email from PST to MHTML files(Separate MHTML file for each PST file email).
  • Export to MBOX:- Mail folders export from PST files to MBOX files. (Save emails of PST file's mail folders to single as well as separate MBOX files.)
  • Export to vCard:- Export contact from PST file to vCard files. (Users can save all contacts to single vCard as well as save each contact to separate vCard file)
  • Export to ICS:- Preseve PST file's calendar items to ICS files. (Save calendar to single as well as separate ICS files).
  • Export to Zimbra:- Save emails of all selected PST file's mail folders to single TGZ of Zimbra desktop.
  • Export to Thunderbird:- Import selected PST file's mail folders to Thunderbird profile's default storage location.
Step-7) After applying all required settings, hit the Convert button and begin PST file conversion process.
PST file conversion process
Follow the below mentioned steps to migrate PST files to Cloud mail apps: -
Step-6) Make selection of the required folders from PST files and click on Import into cloud button from menubar.
Next, apply the below given steps to export data from PST files to Gmail, Office365, Outlook.com, Yahoo, and other IMAP based mail apps
pst files import to cloud
Migrate PST files to Office365 cloud: -
Step-5) After folder selection, click on Import to Cloud and choose Import PST to Office365 option.
pst to office365 button
Step-6) Enter your Office365 account's email address and click on "Convert".

In the next screen, again enter Office365 email address and password and login with your Office365 account details

pst to Office365 login
Step-7) Software will auto-start the PST to Office365 migration process, after login process.
PST to Office365 migration
Apply the steps showing below to Migrate PST files to Gmail/G-suite account:-
Step-5) Select required folders from PST files, and then click on Import to Cloud >> Import to Gmail/G-suite option.
PST to Gmail import option
Step-6) Enter your Gmail/G-suite account email address, google third party app password, and click the "Athenticate login" button.

Note: - For Gmail account login first users will need to create a Google Third party app password.

Gmail account login
Step-7) Login to the software with your Gmail/G-suite account and press the Import PST to Gmail button to start the PST to Gmail migration job.
Pst to Gmail migration
Transfer data from PST files to YahooMail Account:-
Step-5) Choose needed PST file;s inner mail folders and hit the Import to Cloud >> Import PST to Yahoo button.
import to cloud options
Step-6) Enter your Yahoo mail account email address, third party app password and click on "Athenticate login".

Note: - Create Yahoo Third party app password for yahoo account login

Yahoo mail login
Step-7) Login with Yahoo Mail account and click on Import to Yahoo Account and begin the PST to YahooMail migration.
import PST to Yahoo mail
Import PST files to Outlook.com/Outlook Web account:-
Step-5) Choose needed folders from PST files, then click on Import to Cloud >> Import PST to to Outlook.com button.
Import pst to Outlook.com option
Step-6) Add your Outlook.com account email address, password and hit the "Convert" button.
Outlook.com login
Step-7) With your Outlook.com or Hotmail account login into the software and start transferring data from PST to Outlook.com or Hotmail account.
migrate pst to Outlook.com/Yahoo Mail
Apple the below given steps to Import Outlook PST to IMAP mail accounts: -
Step-5) Choose your needed folders from PST files and click on Import to Cloud >> Import PST to IMAP option.
pst to Cloud options
Step-6) Enter your IMAP account details including- email address, password, port, hostname. After adding all details, click on "Convert".
login to IMAP account
Step-7) Login to your IMAP account into the software and begin the process of importing data from PST to IMAP mail accounts.
Migrate PST to IMAP Server