Know detailed graphical tutorial about generating third-party app’s password in Yahoo! account

If you want to access your Yahoo! Mail using any third-party application, then you must create/ generate Third-Party Apps Password in Yahoo! Mail account and log in with your Yahoo Email address and with your generated Third-Party Apps Password.

Yahoo! Mail doesn’t allow any authentication using their Yahoo email address and password through an untrusted place or without any OAuth Key.

Here I will show you how to generate Yahoo! Mail Third-Party Apps Password. For a third-party application, you need to create/ generate a specific password and access your Yahoo emails over your third-party application. Follow these below steps one-by-one and set your password for third party software access.

Step-1: Log-in into your Yahoo Account by entering your email address and password and go to Account Info (See the below screenshot)

yahoo third-party apps password generate

Step-2: Click on the “Account Security” tab and click on “Generate App Password” as shown on below screenshot-

If you previously generate any third-party app’s password then this option looks as “Manage Apps Password“. Click on it.

yahoo third party app password

Step-3: Select your required app from given list and if your third-party application is not listed here, then click on “Other App” option.

select third party from list

Step- 4: Enter your app name in the box and click on the Generate button. Once you click on it, your generate third party apps password in yahoo is completed.

yahoo third party app naming

Step-5: Copy your generated password for your third-party application and use it to login into your Yahoo! Mail account.

yahoo third party app password generated

Note: Copy the generated password somewhere for use. You can also generate third party app password when you need it.