Thunderbird Email Duplicate Remover software

The only straightforward solution to delete/remove duplicates from Thunderbird profiles. Automatic duplicate email finder with advanced functions finds and removes all email duplicates efficiently.

  • Erase emails from multiple Thunderbird Mail files at once.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird profiles with complete mail folders.
  • Search email duplicates within each folder and across all folders.
  • Adding Thunderbird mail files manually (single or multiple).
  • Different emails search options for finding duplicates easily.
Duplicate Thunderbird Email Remover Tool

Thunderbird Email Duplicate Remover software - Smart Features

Thunderbird Duplicate email Remover software

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  • Search and delete duplicate emails from Thunderbird profile's mail folders or files.
  • Auto-load all Thunderbird profiles along with entire mail folders in one click.
  • Manually add single or multiple Thunderbird mail files with 2 other options- Select MBOX file and Select MBOX folder.
  • Open and read Thunderbird emails directly and check for duplicates in the preview panel. 
  • Search email duplicates within Each file or search across all Thunderbird mail folders.
  • Choose required folders and delete email duplicates from only selected Thunderbird folders.
  • Find email duplicates based on selected email properties- TO, From, CC, Subject, Body and Attachments.
  • 2 options to save the resulting files – save to any location on computer or automatically store them in Thunderbird's local folders.
  • Erase duplicates without directly deleting or modifying any elements from a Thunderbird profile.
  • Delete email duplicates from all Thunderbird mail files and folders- MSF, MBOX, SBD, etc.
  • Works effectively for all versions of Mozilla Thunderbird including- 115, 102, 91, 78 and below.
  • Graphical interface enables users to remove email duplicates with simple clicks without difficulties.
  • Accessible on computers running any version of Windows OS, from the oldest to the latest- Windows 11.
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Demo Edition:- Delete up to 25 Thunderbird email duplicates from each selected folder without spending a penny.

Thunderbird Email Duplicate Remover Software - Features with Details

Search & Erase Duplicates Emails from Thunderbird

Exclusive solution to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird profile email folders. Automatically detect and load all Thunderbird email files/folders from your computer. Find and erase duplicates with perfection through the software's advanced algorithms.

Delete duplicate emails that occur between the specified date range. Eliminate duplicates based on their fields- TO, CC, Subject, Body, and Attachments, and get numerous other smart functions inside the tool.

Working process >> How to Erase Thunderbird Email Duplicates?

delete duplicates thunderbird emails
delete Thunderbird duplicates emails within each file or across all files

Email Finding & Erasing from Thunderbird Folders

Advanced 2 different modes to find email duplicates from Thunderbird Mail files: -

  • Search & Erase within Each file:- Find email duplicates one by one from each mail file and delete duplicates. For example- the software will find duplicate emails from one mail file and then it will do the same process with another file.
  • Search & Erase Across all Folders: - The software will search for duplicates from all the folders selected by users and remove them at once.
adding Thunderbird files for email de-duplication

3 Modes to Add Thunderbird Files

    Load a Thunderbird files containing duplicate emails with 3 distinct options: -

  • Select MBOX file:- Add a Mail file manually from a known location.
  • Select MBOX Folder: - Import a folder containing multiple Thunderbird email files at once.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird profile: - Load Thunderbird profile with all mail folders/email files in a single click.
open and read Thunderbird emails

Open & Read Thunderbird Emails

Open the Thunderbird email file inside the software to check for email duplicates. Get a preview of each email item from a Thunderbird email file with essential details. The software will provide a clear view of the email with complete properties. In the preview panel users can open the email and check all the duplicates of emails for de-duplication work.

delete duplicates from selected folders only

Erase from Selective Mail folders

Be able to select folders containing email duplicates and perform de-duplication from selected folders only. To check email duplicates, open the mail folder in the preview panel and easily select the folders with duplicates and delete them easily.

erase email duplicates with search options

Search Duplicates by Email Fields

Detects email duplicates within mailbox files based on various criteria. It compares emails based on the email fields selected by users. Choose one or multiple fields from the options - To, Cc, Subject, From, Body, and Attachment. With the chosen parameters, the software will find and delete the copies of emails in all mail files.

email filter with date range

Date-Wise Email Duplicates Delete

Find duplicate emails from Thunderbird email files within a specified period. It allows users to detect unnecessary emails that were created or received within a particular time frame. Easily choose the start date and end date to delete duplicate emails falling only in the selected date range.

email duplicate delete without loss

Faultlessly Erase Email Duplicates

Complete the task of removing email duplicates from the mail folders of the Thunderbird profile without losing any original data. The software will find duplicates of emails and remove the duplicates without losing or changing any information inside the email.

saving location selection

Manually Select File Saving Directory

The software allows users to choose the path where they want to save the resulting file on their computer when removing duplicates, rather than automatically saving it to any default location. Easily choose any place from your computer and store the resultant file with ease.

save in Thunderbird profile

Save in Thunderbird Local Folders

In addition to manually selecting the saving location, users can also select "Save to Thunderbird." This function of the software enables users to save the resulting files/folders after removing duplicates in the "Local Folders" path of the Thunderbird storage location.

thunderbird editions and file support

Support all Thunderbird Editions & files

Automatically detects all Thunderbird email files/folders and loads them to remove duplicate emails. Efficiently remove email duplicates from all email files like MBOX, MSF, MBOX without extension and others, which are generated from any version of Thunderbird email client (including the latest 115).

graphical interface

Smart GUI-Driven software

The software comes with a graphical interface that is easily understandable and operable. Anyone can easily run the software on their computer without prior knowledge. With some easy steps and simple clicks in the software, users can remove all Thunderbird email duplicates smartly.

Windows O/S compatibility

All Windows O/S Edition Support

It is specially designed for users who use Windows O/S on their computers. This Thunderbird Duplicate Remover will work smoothly on computers running Windows OS. Easily you can execute this tool on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and other versions.

Free Thunderbird email duplicate remover

Free Thunderbird Duplicate Remover

Without spending a single penny, the user can test the functions and features of this software. Users can easily try the free demo version and remove email duplicates of up to 25 emails from each mail folder of Thunderbird profile or mail file.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Remove Duplicates of Thunderbird Emails
Adding single as well as multiple Thunderbird email files
Directly Open Thunderbird & Read Emails
Delete Emails within Each Thunderbird file
Remove Emails across all chosen Thunderbird folders/files
De-Duplicate Emails from selected folders
Email Element selection to search/delete
Remove Unlimited Email Duplicates Delete 25 email duplicates from each Thunderbird mail file
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Software Specification

Trial Limitations

Erase duplicates of 25 emails from each Thunderbird email files with demo version of the software

Software Info


Supported Files

All Thunderbird email files

Personal, Corporate, Technician, Enterprise

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Works with all windows O/S editions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Download and Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Duplicate Remover Software.
  • Press the “Add File/Folder” button and choose a Thunderbird email file-adding mode.
  • Import email files, load their inner folders/emails and check Thunderbird emails.
  • Select mail folders containing duplicates and press the Remove Duplicates button.
  • Apply required email de-duplication settings and saving settings.
  • Lastly, click the Remove Duplicates buttons and start removing email duplicates.

Thunderbird email Duplicate Remover software

Working process, for deleting Thunderbird Email Duplicates: - How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird files?.

    It has the power to do both these tasks with separate options: -

  • Search & Delete Within File: - One by one the software will search for duplicates from each selected email file.
  • Search and Delete across all files/folder: - The software will search for duplicates among all selected files at once and remove them.

Yes, the software is capable of deleting single as well as duplicate emails from all Thunderbird emails in one process without any issue.

The software provides a separate preview panel showing each email item from selected Thunderbird email files to view duplicates and analyze folders that contain duplicates.

A Mail filtering function is available which enables users to select required dates. This date selection enables users to de-duplicate emails of the chosen date range.
It simply checks the emails and finds duplicates from Thunderbird mailbox files. After finding the duplicates it stores a file without their duplicates at a location specified by the user. The software never makes any changes to the source files in this entire process.
Yes, users can search and delete duplicates from all mail folders Thunderbird profile including the SBD folder and all files like -MBOX, MSF, MBOX without extension, etc.

Not only Thunderbird, but also users can remove duplicates from MBOX files of other email applications like- Apple Mail, Google Takeout, Eudora, Opera Mail, and others.

Users can run the software on computers with any version of Windows O/S to remove Thunderbird email duplicates.
Yes, free trial of software capable of removing email duplicates for free. But this is only for testing purposes with some limitations. It will remove duplicates of only 25 emails from each Thunderbird email file.

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