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How to Remove Email Duplicates from Thunderbird Profiles?

Smart steps to Search and Erase Duplicates Email from Thunderbird mail files MSF/MBOX/SBD Folder and others

An easy solution to remove email duplicates from Thunderbird email files is eSoftTools Thunderbird Duplicate Remover software. Find duplicates of emails from Thunderbird Mail files and erase them easily with this advanced utility. Get multiple smart functions for de-duplication and complete the task safely with the fastest process.


Firstly, download and install eSoftTools Thunderbird Duplicate Remover Software on your windows computer.

Launch the software and press the Add File/Folder button.

Thunderbird Duplicate Remover Software Main Screen


Choose a mode of adding THunderbird email files for de-duplication job: -

  • Select MBOX File: - Add a Thunderbird MBOX/mail file from a known location.
  • Select MBOX Folder: - Import all thunderbird emails files from a folder and their inner sub-folders.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile: - in one click, import email files from Thunderbird default storage location.

Insert the email files with your chosen option and press the Next button.

Thunderbird file adding mode

From the imported Thunderbird emails files, load mail folders.

Open each folder by clicking on it via mouse and check their internal emails.

scan Thunderbird and load emails

Click on each email to view it in the preview panel and check for duplicate emails.

Pick the folders having duplicate emails and press the Remove Duplicates button.

preview emails and check thunderbird email duplicates


Select and customize the necessary settings as per your preferences for the de-duplication process in the new screen opened by the software.

email duplicate remove settings

Select and use these options to delete duplicate emails from Thunderbird Mail files: -


Press Remove Duplicates button and begin the process of removing email duplicates from Selected Thunderbird Email files.

De-duplicate/remove emails duplicates from Thunderbird