How to Split and Merge PDF Documents?

PDF Splitter and Merge software to split PDF by pages and merge pdf files into one file.

Straight-forwardly extract pages from PDF files to separate PDF as well as combine multiple PDFs into one file through "eSoftTools PDF Splitter & Merger Software". Securely split PDF to separate pages and merge several PDF files in one file using smartest functions of this advanced software.

Split PDF by Pages and Extract Pages from PDF Documents: -
Step-1) Download and launch the eSoftTools PDF Splitter tool on your windows computer.

After launching the software, select "Split PDF File" option from first screen and click on "Next".

PDF Split & Merge software first screen
Step-2) Choose an option for importing PDF files into the software for splitting process, from the options: -
  • Select PDF File:- Select and add PDF file one by one into the Software.
  • Select PDF Folder:- Add a complete folder with several PDF files at a particular time.
PDF file/folder selection
Step-3) Choose a PDF splitting option from the provided options-
  • Split By Page :- Split PDF files by pages and save separate page to individual PDF file.
  • Split any Specific page:- Input the page number, that you want to extract from PDF and save them separately.
  • Split By Page Range :- Select a start and ending page number, and split PDF with only selected pages.
  • Split By Even Pages:- Split PDF by pages of Even number like- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.
  • Split By Odd Pages- :- Split PDF file with pages of odd numbers- 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, etc.
pdf split options

    Other Options:-

  • Single PDF:- Click the save button and choose the location where your where you want to save the extracted files.
  • Separate PDF:- Click the save button and choose the location where your where you want to save the extracted files.

Note : - These options are only available with Split By Page Range, Split By Even Pages, & Split By Odd Pages options.

Step-4) Next, choose "skip or remove attachments from output PDF file". (if you have requirement).

Choose the location for saving resultant PDF files by pressing "Save".

Finally, press Save button to start the PDF splliting process.

split pdf files
Step-5) Complete the process of splitting PDF file by pages. After process completion, click on "OK" and close the software, then access your splitted PDF files easily.

pdf split process completion
Merge multiple PDF files into One PDF file applying the : -
Step-1) Download and Launch eSoftTools PDF Merger software on your computer.

Select "Merge PDF Files" option and click on "Next".

pdf merge software main screen
Step-2) Choose file selection option to add PDF files and folders containing PDF files: -
  • Select PDF File:- Add PDF files selecting from local drive one by one.
  • Select PDF Folder:- Choose a complete folder (containing different PDF files) and add them in process.
add pdf file/folder for mergeing pdf files
Step-3) Select and apply other required settings:-
  • Skip or Remove Attachment from the output file:- Chose this option to merge PDF files and skip adding attachments inside new PDF.
  • Saving Location selection:- Choose a location where you want to save resultant/merged PDF files.

After, all selections click on Save and start PDF Merging process.

merge pdf options
Step-4) After pressing the "Save" button, the software will start combining all PDF files into a single PDF document.
combine/merge PDF files
Step-5) Through the software easily merge PDF files into one file and after process completion, click on "OK" to close the software and open merged PDF files easily.

PDF merge process completion