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How to Extract Attachments from iCloud Emails?

Swiftly download attachments from iCloud account mail folders with iCloud Attachment Extractor tool.

Smartly download attachments from emails of iCloud mail with the use of "eSoftTools iCloud Attachment Extractor Software". Extract attachments from emails of some specific as well as entire iCloud mail folders at once. Easily perform extraction of all or specific type attachments with maintaining all information. Execute the attachment extraction from your windows computer and without MACOS based devices requirements.

Step-1) Download, Install, & Launch eSoftTools iCloud Attachment Extractor Software on a windows based computer and required information.
  • Email Address: - Enter your iCloud account Email address.
  • App Password:- Input your Apple/iCloud account app-specific password.

Add these iCloud account login details & click on "Login"

iCloud Attachment Extractor Software Main Screen
Step-2) Sign in with your iCloud account, load all inner mail folders of iCloud account and make selection of required mail folders.
load all mail folders of iCloud account
Step-4) Choose needed iCloud mail folders and apply other required settings: -
  • Attachment Extraction option
  • Filtering Attachments option
  • Mail filtering
  • Saving Location
iCloud attachment extraction options
Step-4) Apply required settings for attachment extraction: -

    Select Attachment Extraction option

  • Extract Attachments Folder-Wise:- Attachments extract from emails of all selected iCloud mail folders and preserve them folder-wise.
  • Extract Attachments Message-Wise:- Generate separate folder for each email and save extracted attchments to separate folders.

    Filtering Attachment Extensions

  • Predefined File Extension:- Select desired file type from a predefined list of file extensions & extract attachment of only chosen file type.
  • Custom File Extension:- Add the file extensions of attachments and download the specified attachments iCloud emails.
  • Mail Filtering:- Chose dates in "From" and "To" field and download attachments from the emails of selected dates.
  • Saving Location:- Select a location from your hard drive to preserve the downloaded attachments.
Step-6) Click the "Save Attachments" button and start the extraction of attachments from iCloud emails.
iCloud attachment extraction
Step-7) Extract iCloud mail attachments and after attachent the software will show a message "Attachment Backup process completed successfully". simply click on OK close the software
iCloud attachment extraction completed