ICS Viewer Software

Perfect viewer tool for ICS files is a freeware tool by eSoftTools which provide accessibility of viewing ICS calendar events without need of any email client. Whether for personal or professional use, the ICS Viewer Tool is an essential tool for anyone needing to manage or transfer Calendar ICS files efficiently.

  • Get preview of ICS Calendar events at your fingertips
  • View Calendar events like start/ end date, reminders, recurrences, senstivity, location, and etc.
  • View ICS file attachments as well
  • Option to convert ICS files into 10+ file formats and import ICS to Office365
  • Availability to extract attachments from ICS files
Free ics Viewer software

Free ICS Viewer Software - Advanced Features

Free ICS Viewer Software

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  • Access and open ICS files to view calendar events in one place.
  • No email client needed to read ICS files in batch.
  • Open and display ICS files, including Start Date, End Date, Location, Reminder, Sensitivity, Recurrences, Show Time As, etc.
  • Batch ICS file opening and viewing in a well-structured viewer.
  • A separate ICS event viewer panel has an interface similar to Outlook.
  • The ICS Viewer Tool is essential for users needing to manage ICS files efficiently.
  • The ICS event viewer has a user-friendly interface to view all event details within the application.
  • The tool simplifies the process of accessing and managing calendar events without requiring any email client.
  • This tool is suitable for both personal and professional use.
  • Supports working on new to older edition of Windows O/S including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
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(Note:- Viewing calendar ICS events is free, but the tool also offers PRO and PRO PLUS editions with ICS file conversion and attachment extraction features and upto 5 ICS conversion in demo version.

ICS Calendar Viewer Software - Features In Detailed

Access ICS Calendar Events without any Email Client

The ICS Viewer Software provides a straightforward and efficient way to manage schedules by opening and viewing ICS files, which contain calendar events. This ICS viewer tool simplifies the process and enhances accessibility, allowing users to manage calendar events from any device with the eSoftTools ICS Viewer installed.

Users can open a single ICS file containing multiple events or multiple ICS files in batches and view all event details, such as reminders, recurrences, location, start date, end date, sensitivity, and "Show Time As" display.

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free ics viewer software
view singel ICS file

Add Single ICS with multiple Events

This free ICS Viewer software allows users to open a single ICS file containing unlimited event information and view them separately. It displays all calendar-related information such as location, start/end date, summary or title, reminder, recurrences, show as, etc.

view and extract ics attachments

View Attachments from ICS files

This portable ICS Viewer software is designed to provide a complete view of all event-related information, including attachments. Users can easily navigate and view attachments embedded within ICS files without needing any email client.

ICS Folder with Multiple ICS files

Add Folder having Multiple ICS Files

Adding one or more folders with multiple ICS files can make viewing calendar items more flexible and easier to handle. The eSoftTools ICS Viewer Tool allows you to manage and view ICS files efficiently. It processes all the ICS files and displays the event details in a well-structured way. The batch ICS, file viewer feature, saves time and ensures you can see all the events in one place.

  • File Mode: - Add Single ICS file at a time
  • Folder Mode: - Add a folder containing multiple ICS files at once.
single ics email preview

Preview ICS on Additional Screen

The ICS Viewer Software gives an additional feature to view individual Calendar events in an additional window with all the details, including Summery/ Title, Location, Reminder, Recurrences, Day Event, Recurrence Start Date and End Date, Description and Attachment information.

view all ICS fields

View All Fields of Calendar Events

The eSoftTools ICS Viewer Tool enables users to view all fields of calendar events from ICS files, including detailed information such as date, time, location, attendees, recurrences, all-day events, show time as, sensitivity and recurrence start and end dates. This tool ensures complete visibility of each event and enhances the viewing experience.

open ics file of all email client

Multilingual ICS file viewing

eSoftTools ICS file viewer tool breaks the language barriers for ICS files and conveniently supports viewing ICS files in multiple languages. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand calendar events, no matter what language your ICS file has. Say hello to hassle-free multilingual event viewing with the eSoftTools ICS Viewer Program!

Graphical user interface

View ICS files without Email Client

Opening and viewing ICS files without using an email client is an exciting feature that eSoftTools ICS Viewer Utility can make possible. The tool provides a flexible way to open and explore calendar events without extra software, making it straightforward and hassle-free.

windows compatible

Double Click to view the Individual ICS file

With the eSoftTools ICS Viewer tool, viewing individual events is as easy as double-clicking the mouse. The software generates the preview in an additional window, allowing you to explore the details of each calendar event effortlessly.

windows compatible

All Windows OS Supportable Tool

The eSoftTools ICS File Viewer Tool is designed to support all Windows OS's and allow easy-to-manage ICS files across various Windows OS's, including Win11, Win10, Win8.1, Win8.0, Win7, WinXP, Vista, etc. This software ensures the user's full compatibility and smooth processing of ICS files, as well as effortlessly views and explores calendar events.

ICS Viewer Free & Pro Edition - Comparison

Software Features Free ICS Viewer ICS Viewer Pro ICS Viewer Pro Plus
View ICS file items
Add single ICS File
Load ICS Folder for batch
No Email Client Need to View ICS file
View all fields of ICS file including Start Date, End Date, Location, Reminder, Sensitivity, Recurrences, Show Time As
Convert ICS File into Different format
Extract Attachments from ICS file
Import ICS files to Office365
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Software Specification

Lite Edition Limitations

Easily open and view ICS files without the need for an email client, providing a closer preview of the content.

Software Info


Supported App

All ICS Based Appications

Personal, Academic, Technician, Enterprise

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Works with all windows O/S editions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Follow these below steps to open ICS files on Windows PC-

  • Download, Install, and Launch Free ICS Viewer Software.
  • Click on the “Select ICS File/ Folder” from the toolbar.
  • Choose the file selection mode from the given options-
    • Folder Mode: - Select a folder with multiple ICS files
    • File Mode: - Select this option If you have one ICS file for viewing.
  • All selected ICS files are shown in the left panel of the software screen.
  • Click on each ICS file to view event information, including attachments and other details.

Info: Click twice on individual ICS files to preview ICS information on an additional window.

ICS Viewer

Visit here— How to Open/View ICS files —to see the complete working steps of the software.

Yes, extract all the event information separately from the ICS file with the ICS Viewer Tool.
Yes, after adding the ICS file to the software, double-click on the ICS file and check the preview of Calendar information in an additional window with all fields, including Start date, End date, Location, Recurring Events, Reminders, show time as, Reminder Start/End date, etc.
Yes! The ICS Viewer Software displays the recurrence frequency with Starting and Ending dates.
100%, you will view the attached files from the ICS file. The software extracts every attachment and displays it in the viewer panel.
Yes! The software displays complete reminder details, including the start and end dates.
Yes! The software shows all attendee's details and extracts them in multiple formats.
Yes, this software comes with multiple conversion formats for ICS files, but these conversion options are available only in the PRO Edition and PRO-Plus Edition.
There are nine conversion formats, including Outlook PST, MSG, EML, HTML, MHTML, Lotus Notes (NSF), ICS, CSV, and PDF file options, where you can convert ICS files.

Yes, you can import ICS files to Office365 with the help of ICS Viewer PRO PLUS Edition.

Client Most Valuable Review's

(Rated 5 Star)
I have been using the ICS Viewer PRO edition of the software for the past few months, and it has been a lifesaver for managing my calendar events. The viewer interface is very slick and easy to understand, clearly displaying every field of the ICS file. I needed to open ICS files in Outlook, and the PRO Edition of ICS Viewer allowed me to convert them into Outlook PST files. The tool also offers options to save ICS files as MSG, EML, HTML, MHTML, NSF, CSV, and PDF documents. Thanks to eSoftTools for making this product so powerful and easy to operate.
[ Jakob A Todd ]  [ United States ]
(Rated 5 Star)
My manager, Mr. Rebert, wants me to import ICS files (around 2K+) to Office 365. While searching on Google, I found your ICS Viewer Software, which includes the migration feature to Office 365. I purchased the ICS Viewer PRO Edition, and the software imports ICS files to Office 365 with all the event information, including attendees, recurrences, and other data fields.
[ Waseem Mahyoub ]  [ Yemen ]
(Rated 5 Star)
I recently purchased the ICS Viewer Software, and I have to say, it has exceeded my expectations. The software supports around 10 file formats for converting ICS files. This tool is awesome and provides great flexibility in managing ICS files. Thank you for designing such valuable software for viewing ICS files.
[ Tamas Stadler ]  [ Germany ]
(Rated 5 Star)
Wonderful tool for viewing ICS files for free! The preview in an additional separate window is awesome and displays all the fields of ICS files. Thank you for the software, eSoftTools Team.
[ Justin Price ]  [ United States ]
(Rated 5 Star)
I was attracted to ICS Viewer for its Attachment Extraction module. I needed to collect attachments from ICS files, and no other software could do this. However, the eSoftTools ICS Viewer PRO PLUS Edition provides the opportunity to extract attachments from ICS files. This tool meets all my needs for attachment extraction from ICS files. Thank you so much.
[ Jesse Cramer ]  [ United States ]