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How to Import MBOX files to Gmail/G-Suite Account?

Use MBOX to Gmail Migrator to Directly Import MBOX files to Gmail/G-Suite Account in bulk.

With smart process and in direct manner import all MBOX files to Gmail/G-Suite accounts using "eSoftTools MBOX to Gmail Migration Software". Easily upload a single or multiple MBOX files of Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or all other supported application to Gmail account in simple clicks.

Step-1) Download & Launch eSoftTools MBOX to Gmail Migration Tool on your windows machine.

Hit the Add File/Folder button from menubar.

MBOX to Gmail Migration tool Welcome window
Step-2) Next, choose an option for adding MBOX files in the software
  • Select MBOX File:- Select and Add a single MBOX file in the software.
  • Select MBOX Folder:- Choose and import a folder containing several MBOX files.
  • Select Thunderbird Profile:- Auto-detect and load all thunderbird profile mail folders and files.
select mbox files
Step-3) Load all MBOX files in the software and start scanning and extracting all mail folders and items
scan mbox file folders
Step-4) Get a live preview of all emails and choose needed folders.
Preview MBOX Emails
Import MBOX files to Gmail/G-Suite Google Workspace Account:-
Step-5) Select needed folders from MBOX files and hit the Import to Gmail button.
import to gmail
Step-6) From the next screen, first select the option Import to Gmail or Import to G-suite radio buttons.
  • Import to Gmail:- Select this option for moving MBOX files to Gmail account.
  • Import to G-Suite:- Select this option to migrate MBOX files to business mail account configured with Google Workspace
import to gmail/gsuite
Step-7) Input Email Address & Password of your Gmail account, and click the Authenticate Login button.
Gmail login
Step-8) After account login process, use mail filter option and click the Import MBOX to Gmail button to start the MBOX to Gmail migration.
mbox to gmail migration
Import MBOX files to Office 365 Cloud Account:-
Step-5) Press the Convert to Office 365 button from menubar.
convert to office365
Step-6) Enter your Office 365 account Email Address and password.
office365 account login
Step-7) Apply mail filtering function and hit the "Convert" button to start MBOX to Office 365 migration.
Mbox to office 365 migration
Import MBOX files to YahooMail Cloud Account:-
Step-5) Hit the Import to Yahoo button after selection of needed MBOX folders.
import to yahoo
Step-6) Enter your YahooMail account email address and third-party app password, then press the Authenticate Login button.

yahoo login
Step-7) Select Mail filter option to export emails of needed dates from MBOX and hit the Import to Yahoo button to begin the MBOX to YahooMail migration.
Import MBOX files to Yahoo
Import MBOX files to IMAP Server Account:-
Step-5) make selection of needed MBOX folders and hit the "Import to IMAP Server" button from top menubar.
import to imap
Step-6) Enter your IMAP account details Email Address, Password, & Host Name in the software.

Imap account login
Step-7) After adding IMAP account details, select and apply other settings:-
  • Input Folder Name:- Create a new folder with desired name to save all MBOX file data after import process.
  • Mail Filter:- Select mail filtering option to export emails of selective dates from MBOX files.
Step-8) Finally, press the Convert button and start uploading data from MBOX to IMAP account.
MBOX to IMAP Server Migration