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How to Extract Email Address from Lotus Notes NSF?

Email addresses and attachments extract from Lotus Notes NSF files with NSF Email Address Extractor tool

Get the eSoftTools NSF Email Address extractor Software. for instant extraction of email addresses and attachments from NSF files. Efficiently get email addresses from Lotus Notes mailbox items available in NSF database files. Perform the email address extraction job from single as well as multiple NSF files at once. Extract email addresses of specific fields as well as extract specific type attachments from NSF files with a quick process.

Step-1) Download eSoftTools NSF Email Address Extractor Software and install it on your Windows-O/S based computer.

Start the software and press the Select NSF button from the first screen.

NSF Email Address Extractor Software Main Screen
Step-2) Select a method of file importing from these options: -
  • Single NSF File Conversion:- add one NSF file at one time.
  • Bulk NSF File Conversion:- import multiple NSF files in a single job.

After selection of file adding mode, press the Next button.

NSF file adding mode
Step-3) Import NSF files into the software, with selected mode.
Add one NSF file at one time

1) Click the "Select NSF File" or "Search NSF File" button and add single NSF file with selected option.
single nsf file
2) After selecting/searching NSF files add them into the software andclick the "Start Scanning" button.
Add NSF files in batch mode

1)Press the Add NSF file or Add NSF folder button and import NSF files/folders into the software for email address extraction.
add nsf files in bulk
2) Add selected NSF files and click the "Start Scanning" button.

Step-4) Start the scanning process of Lotus Notes NSF files and load all data.

Get a preview of each item from NSF files including- emails and other items from each chosen folders.

open/view NSF files data

Choose the required folder from selected NSF files and apply the steps shown below to extract email address and attachments: -

Steps to Extract Email Address from Lotus Notes NSF: -
Step-5) Select NSF folders having items from which you want to extract email address and click the Extract Email Address button.
extract email address
Step-6) Select and impelement other required settings for extracting email address: -
  • Saving Location: - Select a location from your computer where you want to save resultant files having email addresses.
  • Saving Options: - Choose a file in which you want to preserve extracted email addresses from the options - TXT, HTML, or CSV.
  • Email Filter criteria: - Select email header fields of which you want to extract email address (TO, FROM, BCC, CC and all).
  • Mail filter: - Select date of emails to extract email addresses from emails of only selected dates.
email address extract options
Step-7) Apply all needed settings, and hit the Convert button and begin the Email Address Extraction from Lotus Notes NSF files.
Email Address Extraction
Steps to Extract Email Attachments from Lotus Notes NSF files: -
Step-4) Select folder from NSF that containing the items having attachments and click the Extract Email Attachments button.
NSF attachment extract
Step-5) Use the provided email attachments extraction settings.
  • Saving Location: - Select a place from your local drive to preserve all extracted attachments.
  • Attachment Options: - choose any one of these two attachment extraction option-
    • Extract all attachment: - export attachments of all types from selected NSF file's data items.
    • Extract specific attachment: - Input the extension of attachments and extract those selected attachments specifically.
  • Mail Filtering: - choose the dates of emails extract attachments from emails of only selected dates.
attachment extraction settings
Step-6) SElect and apply all required attachment extraction settings and press the Convert button to start exporting attachment from Lotus Notes database/NSF files.
NSF Attachment Extraction