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Split .VCF file to multiple vCard Formats Quickly

If you were managed whole business contacts in a single VCF file and now it becomes complex to manage complete data as single vCard file then break .VCF as multiple files by using vCard splitter tool. Get the most influential VCF splitter software at eSoftTools which requires few seconds to split vCard file. Experts designed this application with infrequent working process and unique formula to split vCard files. Without harming internal data of vCard file, the software will perform to split the larger vCard files into small or multiple vCard file with reserve data.

vCard Splitter

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Outstanding Attributes of vCard Splitter Tool

  • Has great provision to Split vCard into multiple VCF files
  • No limitation about vCard files size to split it into several vCard files
  • Preview will be displays to give the hint of users regarding splitting process
  • Safe and secure application to split the vCard file with maintains data
  • Fastest process to break vCard contacts into multiple files
  • VCF vCard splitter made with simple GUI that easy to handle by any kinds of users.

Win 10 & all below version
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Unlimited Sized VCF File Split with Ease by vCard Splitter

vCard splitter available at eSoftTools is the best possible way to read single VCF file contacts data into multiple VCF files by saving individually. Here in this application, no limitation set for file size and users can split unlimited sized vCard file. VCF split fastly with the given VCF splitter tool and save complete contacts data as multiple vCard files. With using the software smart graphical user interface all users capable to split vCard in safe manner.

Best Attributes of vCard Splitter Software

Split Unlimited Sized VCF File

Split unlimited sized vCard file to multiple files with this application because software is not bounded with any size limit. It means the users are capable to split any larger size of vCard file without hesitation of losing the data of vCard file.

Sustain Contacts Properties as it is

VCF Split Software nicely preserves contacts properties (first name, last name, phone number, email address, mobile number, images and web links) and keeps your contacts data as it is at the time of splitting the vCard file in safe manner.

Safe & Secure Application

The smart vCard Splitter application is safe & secure to install and successfully split vCard file into various .VCF files against any data loss. Deprived of any data lose tension the users can use this perfect vCard splitter application to split the larger VCF files.

Clear User Interface

VCF vCard Splitter Software is designed with graphical user interface which is clear to view and understand for effortlessly process this tool to split .VCF file. Software offers split .VCF file to Multiple without making changes in data.

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vCard Splitter

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Trail Demo of vCard Splitter Application -Use demo first to know all the software working functionality, the demo is free to download available on every windows versions supported windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) and after complete examination purchase full version to start the restoring process of splitting vCard data.

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Extract vCard File

vCard Splitter

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vCard Splitter

vCard Splitter

Select vCard file from various storage locations.
vCard Splitter

vCard Splitter

vCard Splitter
vCard Splitter

vCard Splitter

vCard Splitter

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Superb vCard Splitter

eSoftTools vCard Splitter Software was the perfect choice for me because in online I used many tool but all were failed to full filled my requirement but this program successfully full filled all my desire I want to suggest this tool everyone…….thankuuu

Alex, USA

One Perfect Solution

True, software worked really good in splitting larger vCard file and provided me several split VCF file………....thank used this tool on my windows 10 version and it wonderfully split vCard file with maintains all VCF file data………

Sophy Green, UK