Thunderbird Attachments Extractor Software

An efficient tool, that enables users to extract attachments from Thunderbird Mail files. A safe and secure software with an easy-to-use GUI that even novice users can use. Smoothly Extract Thunderbird Email Attachments without file size limitations, data loss, or security risks.

  • Extract attachments from mutiple Thunderbird profiles emails at once.
  • Download Emails Addresses from Thunderbird profile emails.
  • Load Thunderbird Mail Files Manually as well as automatically.
  • Preview Thunderbird Mails before Attachments Extraction.
  • Extract all types or Specific file extension attachments.
extract thunderbird attachment

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Software - Outstanding Features

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor

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  • Simply Extract Attachments & Email Addresses from unlimited Thunderbird profile emails.
  • Supports auto-loading Thunderbird profile mail folders from the default location with a single click.
  • Has the ability to manually select and import a single Thunderbird Mail file or Mail folder.
  • For user ease, provide a preview of all Thunderbird emails before attachment extraction.
  • Offers users to make a selection of only required mail folders from Thunderbird profiles.
  • Capable to Extract and Save Thunderbird Attachments Folder-wise and Message Wize.
  • Filter Attachments Extensions to extract specific type attachments from Thunderbird emails.
  • Email filtering by dates option available to Extract attachments from emails of specific dates.
  • All editions of Mozilla Thunderbird applications are supported including- 91.0, 78, 68, 65, etc.
  • Preserves email information from Thunderbird source files while attachment extraction
  • Executable on all editions of Windows Operating System- Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc.
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Demo Version:- Extract up to 15 attachments from each selected Thunderbird Mail folder for free.

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Tool- Features Details

Extract Thunderbird Email Attachments & Email address

For both Email attachments & Email address extraction this Thunderbird Attachment Extractor tool is the best solution. All users can get aid of this utility to safely extract unlimited attachment and email addresses from Thunderbird profile mails.
  • Extract Thunderbird Attachments:- Download/Extract attachments that are associated with Thunderbird profile emails like- txt, doc, png, etc.
  • Extract Thunderbird Email Address:- Save email addresses of Thunderbird of fields like- To, BCC, CC, From.
Thunderbird extract attachments & email address
single/bulk thunderbird file select

Auto-Detect Thunderbird Profile

This software's Auto-Detection of Thunderbird profiles/mail folder capability is one of its strongest benefits. This Thunderbird attachment extraction software finds all the mail files from the default storage folders of the thunderbird profile. It will help if you don't know the location of thunderbird mail files.

thunderbird profile auto-detection

Manually Add Thunderbird Mail file/folder

To make it simple for users to select Thunderbird Mail files manually, the Thunderbird file attachment extractor offers two options: Select Folder or Select File. Users can easily select a complete folder containing different Thunderbird mail files as well as choose a single Thunderbird mail file manually from a known location.

preview thunderbird emails

Preview Thunderbird Profile Emails

This Mozilla Thunderbird attachment extractor has the power to provide a preview of Thunderbird profile emails. Before attachments extraction software shows all thunderbird emails with complete email information to users. This helps users in viewing emails to select folders that has needed emails to for performing instant attachment extraction job.

THunderbird mail folder selection

Required Folder Selection

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor supports allow users to make selections of their needed folders from the list of Thunderbird profile mail folders. The software supports loading all Thunderbird profile's with their mail folder and assists to choose specific folders. After selection the software extract attachments from items of only selected Thunderbird folders.

save extracted attachments

Two Modes For Saving Attachment

Software extract atachments from Thunderbird mail files and allows users to

  • Folder-Wise:- extract attachments from items and save folder-wise.
  • Message-Wise:- Preserve attachments of each item in separate folder.

filter attachment extension

Filter Attachment Extension

Including or excluding file extensions function is added in the software. This option enables users to export specific attached file types from emails. Users can do it easily with two methods.

  • Select from Predefined List:- From a list of multiple file extension choose your required file type.
  • Input File Extension Manually:- Add your attachment extension manually to extract them from Thunderbird files.

filter emails by date

Filtering Emails by Date Range

Email Date filter settings are available in this Thunderbird email attachment extractor tool. It helps users to extract/export attachments from specific emails. All emails contained in Thunderbird mail folders between the "Start Date" and "End Date" are filtered by the software. As an output, the software will extract attachments from just those emails that pass the filtered dates range.

select attachment saving location

Saving Location Manual Selection

Thunderbird Mail attachment extractor allows users to save output files unrestrictedly stored in a user-defined target location. For users to store extracted attachments, the software requires the destination path and preserve all extracted items to specified place.

preserve email information and properties

Protect data integrity

This Thunderbird Attachment Extractor provides complete security assurance for all chosen files. With this reliable software, there are zero damage chances. It extracts attachments from Thunderbird mail files in a secure manner and preserves all email attributes or components, such as- message subject, CC, from, sender, date, body, etc.

compatible with windows & Thunderbird

Windows Compatible

The software works perfectly on all Windows Operating System versions for Thunderbird mail attachment extraction. It's simple to install and execute on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and any earlier versions (both x32 and x64 bits O/S editions). Also, the software supports all edition of Mozilla Thunderbird Application for attachment extraction.

free thunderbird attachment extractor

Extract Thunderbird Attachments Free

Free Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Tool demo edition, the best method to understand the working process and to extract 15 attachments from emails of each thunderbird mail folder for free. After testing the software, to extract attachments from an infinite number of Thunderbird mail files users can get the tool's license keys at the cheapest price.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Extract Thunderbird Email Attachments in bacth mode
Extract Attachments from Single Thunderbird Mail file
Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile/Mail folders
Preview Thunderbird Emails
Extract Attachments from Selective Mail Folders
Extract Attachment of Specific Extesnions
Mail filter By Date Range
Extract Unlimited Attachments Extract 15 Attachments from each selected Thunderbird Mail folder
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Software Specification

Trial Limitations

Extract 15 Attachments from each selected folder of Thunderbird profile for free with free demo edition.

Software Info


Supported Version

All edition of Mozilla Thunderbird are supported.

Single User, Corporate, Technician, & Enterprise

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Compatible with all windows O/S editions- 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Follow the steps shown below to extract attachments from Thunderbird mails:-

  • Download & Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Attachments Extractor software.
  • Add Thunderbird mail files by selecting the required option:-
    1. Select MBOX File
    2. Select MBOX Folder
    3. Auto-Load Thunderbird profile
  • Load Thunderbird mail files/folders & get a preview of all Thunderbird emails.
  • Select needed folders from preview panel and hit the Extract Attachments button.
  • Choose the Attachment Extraction option: Extract Folder-Wise or Message-Wise.
  • Select extensions from a predefined list or input them manually for attachment filtering.
  • Use Mail Filter option and choose a location for saving extracted attachments.
  • Finally, hit the Convert button and begin the Thunderbird Attachment Extraction job.

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Software

Know the complete process of Thunderbird Attachment Extraction, visit here:- How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird Mails?.

Yes, in the software users get an option to auto-load thunderbird profiles with complete mail folders with a single click.
Yes, with the software users can add Thunderbird single Mail file manually. In addition, users can also manually select a complete folder with multiple Thunderbird mail files for attachments extraction in bulk.
Yes, before attachment extraction users will get a preview of the complete Thunderbird mail folder and their inner email items for user ease.
Yes, the software will allow users to make selection of required thunderbird mail folder to extract attachments from items of some specific folders.
Thunderbird Extractor also supports to extract Email Addresses. After extraction the software preserves all extracted email addresses to a new txt file on user's specified location.
Yes, the software allows users to extract attachments of specific Extensions from Thunderbird emails. Users can choose attachment extensions from a predefined list as well as input extensions manually to extract specific attachments from Thunderbird mails.
No, the software never touches or makes no changes in the original data of thunderbird source files while attachments extraction.
Yes, the software doesn't define restrictions on attachment's size. It means anyone can easily extract unlimited attachments of any size from Thunderbird mail files without facing any difficulty.
The free demo edition of this eSoftTools Thunderbird Attachments Extractor is available for every user. With this free edition users can extract up to 15 attachments from each Thunderbird mail folder with no charges.

Client Most Valuable Review's

(Rated 5 Star)
I have used different applications for extracting attachments from my Thunderbird profile emails. But I got the best results only with this eSoftTools Thunderbird Attachment Extractor software. It has allowed me to extract attachments from all of my Thunderbird profile emails at once. Also, it generated no issues during extraction providing me the expected outcome. Thanks.
[ Herbert Fryer ]  [ United States ]
(Rated 5 Star)
This is a great choice for doing both email address or attachment extraction tasks from Thunderbird emails. I am using this software for the last two years, and it every time it provides the finest results. Using this tool, I have extracted email addresses from 10000+ email addresses and it completed this task in a very short time and without showing any problem.
[ Judith Slane ]  [ United Kingdom ]
(Rated 5 Star)
This is the ideal tool for users who want to extract attachments from emails of Thunderbird profiles. It immediately extracts Thunderbird email attachments without any issues because of its advanced functionalities. By using it, you will become able to extract attachments and get the finest results with the fewest efforts.
[ Constance Watson ]  [ Switzerland ]
(Rated 5 Star)
For all users, it is the best way to extract Thunderbird email attachments. Using this fantastic tool, I have extracted attachments from many Thunderbird MSF files at once. Additionally, I used it with more than 100+ Apple Mail MBOX files and had no problems. I appreciate eSoftTools.
[ Dennis Burleson ]  [ Spain ]
(Rated 5 Star)
I wish to express my gratitude to the eSoftTools development team for providing this useful tool. I have been using this software for a while, and it has never let me down. This tool I have used to extract attachments from all of my Thunderbird profile emails files in a single process. It offered me the expected results without encountering any issues. Thanks
[ Freddie Leader ]  [ South Africa ]