PDF Password Remover Tool

Instant PDF Password Remover by eSoftTools for helping users who are looking for a method to make PDF file free from all kind of restrictions.

  • Unlock Password from single or multiple PDF files at a single time.
  • Remove Content Copying, Printing, Page Extraction, form-filing and other restrictions from PDF.
  • Unprotect PDF without any additional software installation requirement
  • Provides facility to Save Unlocked PDF files to User's specified location.
PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Unlocker's Advanced Features

PDF Password Remover Software

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  • Remove Password Protection from selective single as well as multiple PDF files.
  • Unprotect PDF files for Content Copying, Printing, Page Extraction, form-filing, etc.
  • Works with PDF files of any size for easily removing passwords or restrictions from PDF files.
  • In addition, software also offers to add restrictions and encrypt unprotected PDF files.
  • After PDF Password Removing process, users can save unlocked PDF files to their desired location
  • Perform Password Unlocking process with complete data security
  • PDF Unlocker has a simple and attractive Graphical Interface.
  • Doesn't requires Adobe Reader or any other application for the PDF Password unlocking process.
  • Software is workable with all editions of Windows O/S including- Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Demo version: PDF Password Remover demo edition is also available to remove restrictions from unlimited PDF files, with “eSoftTools Software” watermark.

More Features of PDF Password Security Remover Tool

Remove PDF opening password

Remove PDF File Opening Password

PDF password remover is available to remove password security from PDF files and makes users able to open/access PDF file with no restrictions. With instant process the software removes opening password from all kind of PDF files. User just need to put the original PDF password and the software will automatically unprotect PDF files.

remove PDF restriction

Remove All Restrictions from PDF files

With removing password from PDF files the software also allows users to immediately remove all kind of restrictions from PDF files with 100% surety. The software is has the ability to remove restriction of Printing, Content Copying, Content copying for accessibility, Page extraction, filing of form fields, and others.

remove password from PDF in bulk

Unlock PDF Files in Bulk

Not only a single PDF file but also users can remove opening password and restriction from multiple PDF files using PDF Security Remover Tool. A user can smartly select a folder containing multiple PDF files and unlock several PDF files with a single process.

Encryt PDF files with password

Encrypt Unprotected PDF Files

In addition to removing restriction from PDF, users will also get the feature of adding password protection to their unprotected PDF files, with this same tool. User can encrypt their PDF files with any password characters as per their choice and make the PDF files restricted for editing, printing, accessing from un-known persons.

Remove PDF restrictions with maintaining data integrity

Maintain Complete Data Integrity

PDF Password Remover software is completely safe and secure application that never destroys data formatting during the password removing process. It keeps data safe/secure and never creates any data loss issues while unlocking protection from PDF documents.

save resultant PDF files

Save Unlocked file to Desired Path

PDF Password Remover Software allow users to save resultant PDF files to a user's specified location, after making PDF file password protection-free. With this software users can save unlocked PDF files separately in a new folder or a previously created folders from their local drive.

remove password from PDFwith fast speed

Remove Password With Fast Process

Unlock password protection from PDF files quickly and effectively. Remove restrictions from any sized PDF files with fastest speed and applying some simple and easy steps. Unlocks PDF files without causing any damage to the file's content and its inner information.

easy and attractive graphical interface

Smart & Easy Graphical Interface

The PDF Password Remover has a clean and simple graphical interface. Even if you're a novice user with little or no technical knowledge, you can use this PDF Restriction Remover software. It does not require any prior technical knowledge both technical and non-technical users can remove PDF password restriction using this amazing tool easily.

support and compatibility

Support & Compatibility

Any user can use this software to Unprotect PDF file of Adobe Acrobat 3.0 and other editions. Users can use this software on any windows-based computer(Up to Windows 10) to take advantage of all features. For PDF Password Removing process it only requires PDF file and its original password. During password recovery process it doesn't requires any other application installation.

Free PDF password remover demo

PDF Password Remover's Free Demo

For user satisfaction the software comes with demo edition facility. With demo, all users can Remove PDF File Password Protection as well as all kind of restrictions. But after password removing process the user will get resultant PDF files with watermark of eSoftTools Software. To get full access to PDF file without watermark, purchase full version which is available at affordable price.

Software Comparison - Demo vs Full Version

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Remove Password from PDF
Encrypt PDF files
Remove PDF Restrictions
Save to Desired Path Save File With WaterMark Save File as Original
Unprotect Unlimited PDF files
Download Now BuyNow ($21)

Software Specification

Trial Limitations

User can Remove Restrictions & opening password from PDF file. But the software will save resultant file with "eSoftTools Software" Water mark.

Software Info


Version Support
Adobe Acrobat 3.0 to all updated versions.

Single User, Corporate, Technician, & Enterprise

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Editions

Works with all windows O/S editions 10, 8.1, 8, 7, below editions

How to Remove/Unlock Restrictions from PDF files?

Check the complete working steps of PDF Password Remover tool to remove encryption from PDF files and make PDF file again accessible for printing, editing, copying content, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Follow the below mentiond steps to Quickly Remove Restriction from PDF files-
  • Download & Launch eSoftTools PDF Password Remover on your windows computer
  • Next, press the Select PDF file or Select PDF Folder button to add PDF files in the software.
    • Select PDF file- To select a single PDF file for removing password or restriction.
    • Select PDF Folder - Select a folder with multiple PDF files and remove password from all PDF file in a single process.
  • After, file selection and adding in the software, choose a location to save output or unlocked files.
  • Finally, hit on Unlock PDF button and add PDF file password and remove PDF password protection.

PDF Password Remover

Note: In addition Password Removing process users can also use this software to encrypt unlocked PDF files with password.

Yes, using PDF Password Remover a user can unprotect multiple PDF file of any size at a particular time with facing any problem.
Yes, PDF Restriction remover tool has the power to remove restriction from content copying, editing, page extraction etc.
Using this advanced utility to unlock PDF files, users can unprotect PDF files created with Adobe Acrobat version 3.0 or other editions.

Using this single software users can unprotect PDF files without Adobe Acrobat Reader or other application requirement. To Remove password protection it only needs PDF files and their original password.

Yes, the software completes the PDF password removing process with preserving complete inner information from PDF files.

Yes... After PDF file unlocking process users get the facility to save resultant PDF files to their desired location.

PDF Password Remover Software also offers users to add encryption or password protection to their unprotected PDF files

Yes, a user can take help of this software and use it on all edition of Windows O/S edition (Up to Win 10) to remove password protection.

Using Demo edition of PDF Password Remover utility a user can remove password from unlimited PDF files. But User will get resultant PDF file with eSoftTools Software watermark in all PDF pages.

Client Most Valuable Review's

(Rated 5 Star)
If a user needs to unlock PDF files in bulk, then this PDF Password Remover software is the best application for them. I have used this utility and removed password protection from more than 100 PDF files in a single process. In my case, it has worked best for me. So, I will recommend every user, take a demo of this software and use it to easily remove PDF password protection.
[ Samira ]  [ London ]
(Rated 5 Star)
In addition, to removing restriction or password protection from PDF files this tool also offers to enable restriction in PDF files. I have used this application to enable restrictions in my PDF files. So, users who want to add passwords to their unprotected PDF files must use this best application.
[ jane blaze ]  [ Maxico ]
(Rated 5 Star)
For removing restrictions like- content modifying, copying, editing, filing forms, this PDF Password Remover is the best choice. Everyone should use this utility to remove password and PDF restrictions with smart steps. The best feature of this tool is, it supports PDF files that are created with any application. Users just have to add the PDF file and its original password, and the software will automatically remove all type of restrictions from PDF files.
[ Chris gabriel ]  [ United States ]
(Rated 5 Star)
After using this tool, I have seen that this tool have a simple and reliable graphical interface. This means not only technical but also users with no technical skills can also use this PDF file password Remover tool. The PDF files restriction removing process is now become super easier using this easy solution.
[ Salina parker ]  [ Green Land ]
(Rated 5 Star)
More than 500+ PDF files I have unlocked with this fastest PDF Security remover utility. Without creating any kind of problem this tool has unlocked all my PDF files. After the password removing process, this tool has also offered me to save unlocked PDF files to my own specified location. For users who are thinking to use this tool, I will suggest them to download and try this software now.
[ Pery Jose ]  [ Australia ]