Office 365 to Office 365 Migration tool

Quick method to directly export data from one Office365 to another office365 account. Smartly transfer emails, contacts, calendar and other Office365 mailbox items. Transfer all mailbox folder with their complete data and preserving same folder-hierarchy. Export data from Office365 to new Office365 account with fewer efforts and 100% accuracy.

  • Migrate mailbox from one Office365 to another Office365 account.
  • Perform Office365 migration while preserving same folder-hierarchy.
  • Transfer/Export data from selective folders of Office365 mailbox.
  • Export all Office365 mailbox items- emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Single application completes the whole migration with zero faults.
Office365 to Office365 migration tool

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Software - Key Features

Office365 to Office365 Migration tool

Instant Fast Software Delivery via Email

30 days return policy

  • Directly migrate mailbox data from one Office365 to another Office365 account.
  • Migrate all Office365 account mailbox emails, contacts, calendar, and other items.
  • Preview Office365 mailbox folders and export data from specific folders.
  • Supports Exporting Office365 emails of specific dates with mail filtering option.
  • Transfer emails with all meta properties- To, BCC, CC, From, Subject, Date, etc.
  • Migrate Office365 account emails with all their associated attachments.
  • Transfer Office365 mailbox folders while preserving complete folder-hierarchy.
  • Perform Office365 to Office365 migration without any addition application requirement.
  • Offers easily accessible GUI to execute Office365 mailbox export process with ease.
  • Developed to work in all edition of Windows O/S - 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older.

Demo Edition:- Without charges export 20 items from each mailbox folder of Office365 account.

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Software - All Features

Migrate mailbox from Office 365 to Office 365

The simplest method for importing Office365 mailbox items to another Office365 account. Safely move Office365 account data items to new Office365 account.

Transfer mail folders with data items like- emails, contacts, calendar, and more from Office365 account seamlessly. Perform Office365 mailbox migration all pertinent information, and with complete security.

Check working process >> How to migrate Office365 to Office365?
Migrate Office365 mailbox to another account
migrate all Office365 mailbox items

Migrate all Office365 mailbox items

Perform migration of Office365 mailbox with whole data using this software. Easily Migrate emails, contacts, calendar, and other mailbox items from Office365 accounts. With simple clicks, software completes the whole migration and provides instant results.

export Office365 emails with all info

Migrate Emails with complete info

Export emails with all their related data and information securely and without modifications. On your new Office365 account you will receives emails and other data in their original format. Migrate emails and stores them with all properties like- to, bcc, cc, topic, message body, attachments, date, and more.

export emails of specific dates

Export emails of selective dates

Apply mail filter option of the software, and export emails from your Office365 account that comes within a certain date range. Before starting the conversion, specify the start date, and the end date with mail filter function. Then, complete the Office365 email migration with emails of specified date range.

export emails from Office365 mailbox selective folders

Export data from specific folders

Offers to transfer data from a few of your Office365 account's folders to new Office365 account. See all of your Office365 mailbox folders by loading them into the software. Make Selections of the necessary folders of Office365 account and move to other Office365 account easily.

maintain folder heirarchy

Preserve Folder-Hierarchy

Transfer mailbox folders from a Office365 account to another Office365 account while preserving the complete folder hierarchy. Export Offic365 account's entire mailbox or some specific folders and get all mail folders in your new O365 account in the same order after the migration.

Office365 migratio independently

No other software requirement

To accomplish a Office365 to Office365 migration, users just need this single software. Users don't need to install or run any additional software on their computer for using this software. This utility will carry out the whole migration independently.

user-friendly interface

Innovative Graphical User Interface

With this software, you may migrate Office365 emails to another Office365 account with no effort. A clever and user-friendly graphical user interface is available inside the software. Access all functions of the software with a few easy clicks, and easily move emails from Office365 account.

working all windows editions

Available for Windows O/S

This Office365 email migration tool is available for using in Windows operating system. On any edition of Windows, including versions 11, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older edition users may easily access this Office365 migration tool.

Free Office365 to Office365 migration

Migrate Office365 to Office365 free

All users have access to the demo version of the Office365 mailbox exporter tool. Users will get the power for testing out all of the software's features free of cost with this demo edition. Users can transfer up to 20 items one Office365 account to using this demo edition.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Migrate Office365 to another Office365 account
Export data from specific mailbox folders
Mail Filtering by date range
Export Office365 emails with attachments
Unlimited Office365 to Office365 Migration Export 20 items from each Office365 mailbox folder
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Software Specification

Trial Limitations

Migrate upto 20 items from per folder of Office365 account mailbox free of cost.

Software Info


Supported App


Personal, Corporate, Technician

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Works with all windows O/S editions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Migrate mailbox data from one Office365 to another Office365 account: -

  • Download and launch Office 365 to Office 365 migration software.
  • Choose “Office365” option from the list of available web apps..
  • Enter Office365 account emails address and click on Login.
  • Login with your Office365 account and load all mailbox folders.
  • Select required folders and click on Import to Cloud button.
  • Choose Import to Office365 option and hit on Next.
  • Login to your another Office365 account and click on “Convert”.
Office365 to Office365 migration

Apply these steps, and start transferring data from one Office 365 account to another.

How to Export Emails from one Office365 to another Office365 account?

A user can smoothly migrate all mailbox items from Office365 account including- emails, contacts, calendar, and other items.
Yes, this software provides the facility to export data from only specified folders. Software shows all Office365 account's mailbox folders and from this list users can choose required folder to export data.
Yes, users can take help of mail filter option and transfer emails of specific dates. Select mail filter option, choose a start and end date of emails and export Office365 emails of specified dates.
Yes, emails from Office365 account user can export with all their related data including header details like- To, BCC, CC, From, Subject, Date, etc.
Users can perform Office365 email migration and easily export emails with all their associated attachments.
Yes, selective folders as well as complete mailbox users can export from Office365 account at once. After the migration completion, users will get mailbox with same folder-hierarchy.
No, there is no requirement of any additional application for completing Office365 to Office365 migration.
Software provides an GUI that is accessible by both technical and non-technical users to perform Office365 mailbox migration process easily.
Yes, Office365 migration software is working on all editions of Windows O/S including- 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older.
Migrate up to 20 items from each Office365 mailbox folder to another account free of cost with demo edition of the software.

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