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How to Delete Duplicate Emails from MBOX files?

MBOX Duplicate Remover, the safest method to search & delete duplicate emails from MBOX/ MBX/ MBS/ MSF files

Best eSoftTools MBOX Duplicate Remover software by eSoftTools Software. A result-oriented solution to delete duplicate emails from MBOX email archive. Easily remove email duplicates from all types of MBOX/ MBS/ MBX/ MSF or MBOX without any extension. De-duplicate emails from single or server file at one time with multiple smart options.


Download and Run this windows based eSoftTools MBOX Duplicate Remover Software.

Firstly, press the Add File/Folder button.

MBOX Duplicate Remover Software Main Screen


Select a mode for importing MBOX files from the available 2 options: -

  • Select MBOX File: - Add an MBOX file from a specific location.
  • Select MBOX Folder: - Select a folder and load all MBOX files from it at once.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile: - Load all Thunderbird Profile mail folders in one click.

Add MBOX mail file with selected option and click on Next.

mbox file adding mode

Load all the selected mail files/folders in the software

Click on each folder to open them and see their inner emails.

scan mbox and load emails

Click on each email and view them with all their email properties and check the duplicates of emails.

View emails and make selection of the folders holding dplicate emails and press Remove Duplicates button.

preview emails and check duplicates from MBOX


Apply the necessary settings in the newly opened screen of the software to remove email duplicates.

email duplicate remove settings

Settings to erase email duplicates from MBOX files with MBOX Duplicate Remover tool: -


After applying the necessary settings, press the Remove Duplicates button and start removing email duplicates from MBOX files.

De-duplicate/remove emails duplicates from MBOX