How to Recover/Convert Outlook PST File?

Single solution to Repair/Recover Outlook PST file & Convert PST into Multiple file formats.

Recover entire emails, contacts, calendar, & other mailbox items from corrupt Outlook PST files in bulk and save to multiple new formats with the assitance of eSoftTools Outlook PST Recovery Software. Quickly scan and repair corrupt PST file and recover Outlook mailbox data. Save Outlook items to a wide range file saving options including- New outlook pst file, Office365, Gmail, Yahoo,, MBOX, EML, EMLX, HTML, MSG, vCard, Zimbra(TGZ), ICS, etc.

Step-1) Download, Install and launch PST Recovery Software to your computer & hit the Select PST button-
PST Recovery
Step-2) Choose a conversion mode from the options-
conversion mode
Step-3) Import Outlook PST file/folders in the software for Outlook items recovery and PST file conversion process:-

Single PST file Conversion Mode:- To convert single PST file, from Single PST File Conversion Wizard window click the Select PST File or Search PST file button.

  • Select File:- Select the option to import the Outlook PST file from a known location.
  • Search Outlook PST Mailbox:- Select a folder and start searching all Outlook PST files from that location.

Import PST file and then press the Start Scanning button.

conversion mode

Bulk Outlook PST file Conversion:- Add multiple PST file and different folders containing PST files by pressing the Add PST File or Add PST folder button.

Click, the Remove Selected button to remove unnecessary PST files

After file selection click the Start Scanning button.

conversion mode
Step-4) Scan PST files and load all mailbox folders and elements including- emails, contacts, calendars, from PST files.
Scan/Repair PST file
Step-5) Get preview of all Outlook items (email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, journals) from pst file by clicking the inner folders of PST files.
Outlook emails preview

Steps to Convert PST file and Import PST to Cloud Options

Above we have mentioned the method and steps to repair corrupt PST file and recover all Outlook profile data from PST. Now follow the below given steps to quickly perform PST file conversion to new PST and many other formats:-

Follow the below steps and easily save all recovered items from old PST to New PST file:-

Step-6) Select the required folders from PST files and click the Save PST button from the top menu.
PST saving
Step-7) Next, choose Export to PST from conversion options list in the next opened window.

Split PST:- Use Split PST option to make the resultant PST smaller in size. Select the size range (1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 6GB, 7GB, 8GB, 9GB, 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 25GB)

Export PST
Step-8) Apply Mail filtering to choose "From" Date & "To" Date for Exporting emails of only required dates.

Select the File Saving Location to save the newly created PST file

Finally click on Convert button and start the PST file Conversion process

PST File Conversion

Perform the below mentioned steps to Save Outlook Emails & other elements separately to EML/ EMLX/ MSG/ HTML/ file format.

Step-6) After folders selection, click on Save PST button to open conversion options window.

    User can choose anyone file types from the below mentioned option to save emails separatly:-

  • Export to EML:- Select this option and easily create each EML file for saving each Outlook emails from PST file.
  • Export to EMLX:- Choose this option ans save Outlook email separatly to EMLX supported on AppleMail for MACOSX.
  • Export to HTML:- Save Outlook emails in HTML format and access them with any web browser like- Chrome/ firefox/ Edge, etc.
  • Export to MSG:- In addition emails, user can also save contacts & calendar items separately to Outlook MSG files with this option.
PST saving options
Step-7) Choose the required file format from the avove listed option to save data items individually.
  • Apply the Mail Filtering and choose the required Naming Convention options
  • Saving location:- Press the Browse button to to add the location to save the resulted files after conversion
Step-8) In the final step click on "Convert" button and start the process of saving Outlook emails individually to EML/ MSG/ EMLX/ and HTML.

Securely Convert Outlook Email folders, contacts, and calendar items to MBOX/Zimbra/ICS/vCard by applying the below mentioned steps:-

Step-6) Press the Save PST button After folder selection and choose the option listed below:-
  • Export to MBOX:- Choose this option and Save Outlook email folder from PST to MBOX files (Supported in Thunderbird and vraious other email clients).
  • Export to vCard:- Export Contact folders and items from Outlook PST to vCard file.
  • Export to ICS:- Save Calendar items and folders of Outlook to ICS files.
  • Export to Zimbra:- Save entire email folders to TGZ file supported in Zimbra desktop client.

Also user can Select the "Create Single File for All selected folders" option to create a single file to save entire folder and items of PST

Convertible formats
Step-7) Apply Mail filtering option and click on Browse button to Select file saving location.

In final step, click on Convert and easily start the Conversion process


Directly Import emails with attacments and other elements to Office 365

Similarly, follow the above mentioned file selection and PST file scanning steps(1 to 5).

Step-6) After selecting the required folders from preview panel, hit on "Import to Cloud" >> "Import PST to Office 365" option from the top menu.
PST to Office365
Step-7) Enter the email address of your Office 365 account
    Select and Apply other settings
  • Export in Primary Mailbox:- To transfer data items from PST file/folders to primary mailbox of Office 365 account
  • Input Folder Name for Migration:- To create a new folder on office 365 account and save all Outlook folder and items from PST files
  • Mail filter:- Use this option and select a start and end date to select email of required dates from PST for import process.
  • Create a Log file:- Select this option and hit the Browse button then select a location to save the generated log file.

After all selections click on "Convert" and then follow other required steps

PST to Office365 Migration
Step-8) Select the office365 account from the lists of office365 profiles.
PST to Office365 Migration
Step-9) Enter your selct Office365 account password and click on Sign in button for login into the software.
PST to Office365 Migration
Step-10) Finally, hit the "Convert" button and directly transfer PST emails and other folder items to Office/Outlook 365 Cloud account.
PST to Office365 Migration

Steps to Export Outlook Emails to Gmail/G-Suite

Select PST folders and then follow the steps mentioned in the next section to make quick PST to Gmail migration.

Step-6) After selecting PST folders this click on the "Import to Cloud" >> "Import PST to Gmail" button from the menubar.
PST to Gmail
Step-7) Provide your Gmail/G-Suite account ID and Password, then press the "Authenticate Login" tab.

Note:- Before Login process first Enable IMAP setting and Turn On Google Less Secure Apps setting in your google account.

PST to Gmail Migration
Step-8) After logining in to the account, apply other settings:-
  • Input Folder Name for migration:- Create a new folder to your Gmail/G-Suite account to Save all folder/sub-folders and Outlook data items.
  • Mail Filter:- Use mail filtering option and select email of required dates for conversion
  • Create A Log File:- Generate a log file with complete conversion information and save it locally to a desired location
Import PST to Gmail account
Finally, press the "Convert" button to start the process of transferring emails from Outlook PST to Gmail/G-Suite account.

Move Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, etc from PST to YahooMail Directly

Scan/Load and choose required folders from PST then follow the below mentioned steps:-

Step-6) Click on the "Import to Cloud" >> "Import PST to Yahoo" option from the menu.
PST to Yahoo
Step-7) Add your YahooMail account login details, then press the "Authenticate Login" tab.

Note:- Before Login process first Generate Third-Party App Password to login with your yahoo account.

PST to YahooMail Migration
Step-8) After loginprocess, select other options:-
  • Input Folder Name for migration:- Create a new folder to YahooMail account for saving all Outlook mailbox folder and items.
  • Mail Filter:- Select this option to filter emails and select emails of specific dates for conversion
  • Create A Log File:- Create new log file with conversion steps information and save it locally to desired path
Import PST to Yahoomail account
Hit on "Convert" and start PST to YahooMail migration process.

Export emails, contacts, calendars, other items from Outlook PST files to account

Scan/Load mailbox folders and items from PST file and then follow the below mentioned steps:-

Step-6) Hit on the "Import to Cloud" >> "Import PST to" option from the topmenu.
cloud migration options
Step-7) Enter your account email address and password.
PST to Migration
Step-8) After enter login email ID and password select other options:-
  • Input Folder Name for migration:- Use this option to create a new folder to your account to transfer and save your Outlook profile's data.
  • Mail Filter:- Apply mail filtering function to choose emails of some specific dates for conversion
  • Create A Log File:- Use this option to save a log file to your local drive with all conversion steps
Import PST to account
Finally hit on "Convert" and start PST to migration process.

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