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How to Recover Word Document Password?

Recover Word Doc and Docx file password easily with best MS word password recovery tool.

Recover word file password securely with "eSoftTools Word Password Recovery Software". Easily recover password of any length and character combination. Retrieve Lower latin, Caps latin, Numeric, Symbolic, and other character combinations password with Brute Force Attack, Mask/Part/Known Attack, and Dictionary Attack.

Step-1) Download & Launch eSoftTools Excel/Word Password Recovery Software and launch it on your windows machine.

Firstly, choose the "Word" option and click the "Next" button.

Ms word password recovery software main screen
Step-2) Click the "Open" button from the menubar of the software.
add word file
Step-3) Select locked word file and hit the "Open" button to add word files from its location into the software.
select/import word file
Step-4) Choose a password recovery strategy from the provided options and apply other required settings:-
Recover Password with Brute-Force Attack

Choose "Brute-Force Attack" option select character sets from options (Lower Latin (a-z), Caps Latin (A-Z), Numeric (0-9), Special (!@#>.), Printable, User Define Char.).
brute force attack

Note:- Search password from all character combinations and recover lost password with accuracy

Recover Password with Mask/ Part/ Known Attack

Select Part/ Known Attack, choose required character sets and Provide the known "Prefix" or "Suffix" characters of your password.
mask attack

Note:- Add known character of password and search only the lost character of your password top get immediate results.

Recover Password with Dictionary Attack

Choose Dictionary Attack use the dictionary file of the software that has 30000+ english words to recover word file password.
dictionary attack

Note:- Recover password that are created with english words from the inbuilt dictionary of the software.

Step-5) After required selection siply click the "Recover" button to start Word file password recovery process.
recover word password
Step-6) Start the recovery process and get the complete status while performing recovery inside the software.
Ms word password recovery
Step-7) After the completion of recovery process the software will show a completion dialog window. Simply lose it and get the recovered password to unlock word file.
word file password recovery complete