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How to Extract & Remove files from PDF Portfolio?

Extract and Remove embedded files from PDF Portfolio with PDF Portfolio Extractor & Remover tool

Get the power to extract & Remove attached files from PDF portfolio files with "eSoftTools PDF Portfolio Extractor/ Remover Software". With this simple and straight-forward tool easily remove/extract all embedded files of PDF portfolio and save to separate folders. Perform the extraction and remove process from single as well as multiple PDF files with a secure process and get fastest results.

Extract files from PDF Portfolio by following the steps shown below: -
Step-1) Download and launch the eSoftTools PDF Portfolio Extractor tool on a windows-based computer.

Then, choose "Extract files from PDF Portfolio" option and click on "Next".

PDF Portfolio extractor first screen
Step-2) Select an option for adding PDF files into the software, from the options: -
  • Select PDF File:- To add a single PDF for portfolio extraction.
  • Select PDF Folder:- Add folder with multiple PDF files inside the software.
PDF file/folder selection
Step-3) Select other required options for file extraction from PDF portfolio-
  • Extract All file from PDF portfolio- :- Extract all types of files from selected PDF portfolio files/folders. Select and use these other options:-
    • Save PDF Portfolio files in Single Folder :- Extract all embedded files from selected PDF portfolio files and save to a single folder.
    • Save files in Separate Folder by PDF Portfolio file name :- Create separate folders for saving files of individual PDF portfolio files.
    • Save PDF Portfolio file Folder-Wise :- Extract files from all PDF portfolio files from selected folders and save them folder-wise.
  • Extract any specific file extension files:- Enter the extension of file and extract files of specified extension from PDF portfolio.
pdf portfolio extraction options
  • Destination Path:- Click the save button and choose the location where your where you want to save the extracted files.
Step-4) After making selection of destination location, simply click on "Save" and start the process to Extract files from PDF Portfolio easily.
extract files from PDF portfolio
Step-5) Perform the PDF Portfolio extraction job and after completion, click on "OK" and close the software to easily access the saved attachments separately.

pdf portfolio extraction completion
Apply the steps shown below to Remove Embedded files from PDF porfolio: -
Step-1) Download and Launch eSoftTools PDF Portfolio Remover software on your computer and select the "Remove files from PDF Portfolio" and click on "Next".

pdf portfolio file remover
Step-2) Select a file selection option to import PDF files/folders: -
  • Select PDF File:- Add a single PDF file to extract files from portfolio.
  • Select PDF Folder:- Add a complete folder (containing different PDF portfolio files).
add pdf file/folder for removing pdf portfolio files
Step-3) To remove PDF Portfolio, select and use the options shown below:-
  • Remove all Attachment from PDF:- Chose this option to remove all embedded files from selected PDF portfolio files.
  • Remove all Attachment from PDF & Save Attachment:- Remove files from PDF portfolio and save them to removed files to separate location.
    • Save Attachment in Single Folder :- Save all removed files of selected PDF portfolio to a single folder.
    • Save Attachment in Separate Folder :- Create individual folders by PDF file name to save PDF porfolio's removed files.
  • Remove any specific attachment from PDF:- Enter a specific extension of file that you need to remove from PDF portfolio.
pdf portfolio removing options
  • Destination Path:- Choose a location where you want to preserve to resultant PDF files after removing files.
Step-4) After selecting saving location from local drive, click on "Save" and start Removing files from PDF portfolio.
file remove from pdf process
Step-5) Remove files from PDF Portfolio and get instant results.

After process completion, close the software by clicking on "OK".

PDF portfolio files remove process completion