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How to Extract Attachments & Email Address from Thunderbird?

With Thunderbird Attachment Extractor software, Extract Attachments & Email Addresses from Thunderbird emails easily.

Most powerful and straight-forward solution, "eSoftTools THunderbird Attachment Extractor Software" to extract atachments from thunderbird mails. Auto-load THunderbird mail file/folder and extract attachments from multiple files with single process. Extract entire or specific type attachments from Thunderbird files in simple clicks.

Step-1) Download & Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Attachments Extractor Software.

Press "Add File/Folder" button, from software's first screen

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Software Main Screen
Step-2) Select a file selection option from next opened screen:-
  • Select MBOX File:- Choose and add a single Thunderbird MBOX/MSF file in the software manually
  • Select MBOX Folder:- Add a folder containing multiple Thunderbird mail files in the software
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile:- Auto-fetch Thunderbird mail files/folders from its default storage location.

Select and add Thunderbird profile folders and hit the "Next" button.

Thunderbird file/folder selection
Step-3) Software will start scanning and loading all mails from selected Thunderbird mail files.
Thunderbird file scanning
Step-4) From preview panel get preview of all Thunderbird emails with attachments.
Preview Thunderbird emails

Choose all requird Thunderbird mail folders from preview panel of the software and then follow the steps described below to extract Thunderbird attachments & email address:-

Steps to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird Mails:-
Step-5) Select needed Thunderbird mail folders & press Extract Attachments button from menu bar.
Thunderbird extract attachments button
Step-6) From next opened screen, select required Attachments Extraction option.
  • Extract Attachment Folder-Wise:- Generate separate folder for each Thunderbird folder to save extracted atachments
  • Extract Attachment Message-Wise:- Create separate folder for each Thunderbird mail and save extracted attachments message-wise

Use any one of these options and make selection of other required option.

attachments extraction options

    Other Important Settings/options-

  • Attachment filter:- To Extract some specific type attachments select file types/extensions with two different options.
    • Predefined File Extension:- Choose your required file type from list of multiple attachments extensions.
    • Custom File Extension:- Input file extensions of attachments manually for extraction from Thunderbird emails

      (Users can also input two or more extension in a single process)

  • Mail filter:- Use this option and select a start and end date of emails to extract attachments from Thunderbird emails of some specific dates.
  • Saving Location:- Choose a location from your drive to save all extracted attachments.
Step-7) Apply all the required setings and press the "Convert" button to start Thunderbird Attachment extraction.
Thunderbird file attachment extraction process
Step-8) Complete the attachments extraction job through the software and after completion get a message "Conversion Process completed Successfully".
Thunderbird Attachment extraction process completion
Steps to Extract Email Address from Thunderbird Mail files:-
Step-5) Choose needed Thunderbird mail folders, and press Extract Email Address button from menu.
extract thunderbird email address button
Step-6) Choose "Extract Email Address" option from next screen and select some other required options-
  • Select Email Filter Criteria:- Make selection of email address field from the options- All, TO, BCC, CC.
  • Filter Mail:- Choose a Start and End Date of thunderbird emails to extract email addressess from emails of some specific dates.
thunderbird email address extraction options
Step-7) Press "Convert" button to start the Thunderbird Email Address Extraction.
thunderbird email address extraction process
Step-8) Extract email address of specified fields from Thunderbird emails and after completion get confirmation message screen with dialog "Conversion completed Successfully".
thunderbird email address extraction process completion