How to Download & Migrate Emails from iCloud Mail account?

Download iCloud Emails to computer and transfer emails from iCloud to different cloud mail apps.

eSoftTools iCloud Backup & Migration Software, the most sophisticated method for windows O/S to take backup or migrate iCloud emails. Export emails from iCloud account to your hard drive and save them in several file formats. Additionally, transfer emails from iCloud mail to Office365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, and numerous other IMAP-based webmail apps.

Step-1) Download and launch eSoftTools iCloud Backup & Migration Software on your windows PC.

Enter iCloud account Emails Address and App Password and press the "Login" button.

iCloud Backup/Migration Software Main Screen
Step-2) Load and view all mail folders of your iCloud account into the software.
load iCloud mail folders
Step-3) Choose required mail folders iCloud account from available folder list.
select mail folder

After mail folder selection from iCloud account, apply these below given steps for iCloud Email Backup and Migration: -

Export and Save iCloud Emails to PST, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, MSG, PDF, MBOX, and Thunderbird mail files: -
Step-4) Choose a file format from the available list of email saving options.
export options for saving
    Available saving options:-
  • Save in PST: - Export iCloud mail folders and save all specified folders to a single Outlook PST file.
  • Save in MSG:- Save each iCloud email in separate Outlook MSG file.
  • Save in EML:- Extract iCloud emails and save each EML file separately.
  • Save in EMLX:- Download iCloud email and save it to Apple Mail-compatible EMLX files(save each email separately.
  • Save in HTML:- Each ICloud account emails export and saved a individual HTML files for web browsers.
  • Save in MHTML:- Save iCloud emails as separate MHTML files for web browsers.
  • Save in MBOX (Folder-Wise):- Save each iCloud mail folder to a distinct MBOX file.
  • Save in MBOX (Single MBOX):-Export emails from several folders in your iCloud account and save them to a single MBOX file.
  • Save in PDF:- Export each iCloud email and save into distinct PDF files.
  • Save in Thunderbird:- Download/Import chosen iCloud mail folders to Thunderbird's local storage directly.
Step-5) After selecting an export option, make any necessary adjustments: -

  • Mail Filtering: - Filter emails by date and export emails from iCloud mail folders that only contain emails from specific dates.
  • Naming Convention: - Save the resulting file with a custom name determined by the combinations of email attributes From, To, and Subject.
  • Saving Location: - Select a location from your local drive to save the resulting files.
mail filter/naming options
Step-6) Finally, click the Save Backup button to start the iCloud Email Backup process.
iCloud email backup
Migrate iCloud emails to Cloud mail applications by following the instructions outlined below: -
Step-4) Select the necessary iCloud mail folders and click the Import to Cloud option.

Choose a cloud mail app from the available options, which include Gmail, Office365,, Yahoo, and IMAP.

iCloud emails import to cloud
Migrate iCloud Emails to Office365 cloud: -
Step-5) Choose the Import into Office365 option and press the Next.

Enter Office365 account email address, and click on Convert.

iCloud to office365 login
Step-6) Sign in with your Office365 account and start the iCloud email to Office365 migration.
iCloud to Office365 migration
Migrate iCloud emails to Gmail/G-Suite account, applying these steps: -
Step-4) Select the Import into Gmail option, and hit on Next.

Provide your Gmail account "Email Address", "Google Third-Party App Password" and press the "Athenticate login" button.

Note: - For migration, firstly create Google Third party app password

iCloud to Gmail login
Step-5) Authenticate Gmail account and click the "Import to Gmail account" button to begin the iCloud email migration.
migrate iCloud email to Gmail
Migrate iCloud Emails to YahooMail Account by applying the following steps: -
Step-4) Choose the Import to Yahoo option, from cloud app import options.

Add your Yahoo Mail account email address, third party app password and press the "Athenticate login".

Note: - Before migration, create Yahoo Third party app password

iCloud to cloud options
Step-5) Click the Import to Yahoo account button, and after account authentication migrate all iCloud email to Yahoo Mail.
iCloud to Yahoo migration
Export iCloud Emails to Web account:-
Step-4) Choose the Import into option and provide email address & password of account.
login to account
Step-5) Press the "Convert" button and export emails from iCloud mail to account.
iCloud to import
Migrate iCloud Emails to IMAP Accounts: -
Step-4) Select Import into IMAP from cloud migration options.

Enter your IMAP account email address, password, Hotsname and port.

imap app login
Step-5) Lastly, hit the "Convert" button and begin the iCloud to IMAP mail apps migraion.
iCloud to IMAP Migration