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How to Convert ICS Calendar file into different formats?

Use ICS Converter & swiftly export calendars from ICS files to PST, MSG, HTML, MHTML, NSF, & new ICS files.

Download eSoftTools ICS Converter Software and safely export calendar events from ICS files into different file formats. With an easy process convert ICS to PST, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, MSG, and New ICS file. Convert ICS calendar with calendar and their all-relevant information like- Start Date, End Date, subject, location, message, attachments etc.

Step-1) Download eSoftTools ICS Converter Software and install it on your windows machine.

Launch the software and press the "Select ICS File/Folder" button.

ICS Converter Software Main Screen
Step-2) Choose method of adding ICS files into the software from the provided options: -
  • File Mode:- Add a single ICS file into software
  • Folder Mode:- Select a complete folder having multiple ICS files in a single process.

Add the ICS file or folder into the software and hit on Next.

ICS file selection mode
Step-3) Import and Load all selected ICS file and folder/sub-folders into the software.
Click on each ICS file item to get calendar item preview inside preview panel.
preview ICS calendar

Now apply the method shown below to Convert ICS files into different formats and migrate ICS calendar to Office365: -

Steps to Convert ICS to PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, NSF and new ICS: -
Step-4) Make selection of your required folder (containing ICS files) from preview panel and press the "Convert ICS" button from menu bar.
convert ICS button
Step-5) From the new opened screen, choose a conversion format from these options- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, NSF, and ICS.
conversion options
    Conversion formats:-
  • Export in PST:- Transfer calendars from all selected ICS file/folders to a new single PST file
  • Export in MSG:- Save each ICS file Calendar to separate MSG file.
  • Export in EML:-Extract and save calendar from ICS to separate EML files.
  • Export in EMLX:- Save ICS Calendar with all information to EMLX file separately.
  • Export in HTML:- Export ICS Calendar events to HTML file for web browsers.
  • Export in MHTML:- Save Calendar events from ICS files to MHTML files.
  • Export in NSF(Lotus Notes):- Move calendar from multiple ICS files to single NSF file.
Step-6) Hit on Browse button and choose a saving location where you want to save resultant files after conversion.
Lastly, click on "Convert" button and begin the ICS Calendar file conversion process.
ICS calendar conversion process
Apple the below mentioned steps to migrate ICS Calendars to Office365 cloud:-
Step-4) Make selection of needed folders (that have ICS files) and press the Office365 button from menubar.
Step-5) In the next opened window, enter your Office365 account email address and click on "Convert".
conversion options
Step-6) Enter your Office365 email address again in the new window and hit on "Next".
conversion options
Step-7) Enter your Office365 account password into the software and click on "Sign In".
password enter
Step-8) After login the software will start moving all calendar items from ICS files to Office365 account automatically.
ICS Calendar to Office365 migration