Excel to ICS Converter Software

The solution to straight-forwardly shift calendars from Excel to ICS (ICalendar) files. Convert Excel files like- XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLA and CSV files with all calendar events and their associated information.

  • Successfully Convert Excel Calendar to ICS file format.
  • Save Calendar entries to single or separate ICS files.
  • Map and export all calendar fields from Excel files.
  • Before Excel file conversion preview calendar data.
  • Calendar records export from chosen Excel sheet.
Excel to ICS Converter software

Calendar Entries export from Excel files

Excel to ICS Calendar Converter software

Export every calendars fields from Excel files including: -

Field Name Variations Description
Subject Title, Event The subject or topic of the calendar event.
Start Date/Time Start The starting time and date of the event.
End Date/Time End The date and time when the event will end.
Location Address Event's physical or virtual location.
Description Notes, Message, Detail, Memo Additional information or details associated to event.
Organizer The person who organizing the event
Attendees Participants People those are invited or attending the event.
Reminder Alert, Notification The time after which it reminds you of the event. Like- 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc.
Categories Tags, Category Colour-coded labels or categories that are assigned to events.
Recurrence Pattern Recurring It indicates whether the event is repeated and what is the pattern of recurrence(daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
Importance Priority This is about the assigned priority level of the event.
Private It indicates whether the event is private or public.
Status The current status of the event (for example, temporary, confirmed).
Response Status Attendees' feedback status (e.g., accepted, rejected).

Excel to ICS Converter Software - Remarkable Features

Excel to ICS Calendar Converter software

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  • Perform the best conversion of Excel XLSX/XLS, XLSM, XLA and CSV to ICS files with calendar events.
  • Transfer Excel calendar to more conversion options like- MSG, new PST and existing PST files.
  • Load Excel files and view all calendar items directly in the software's preview panel.
  • Select a sheet from the Excel file and extract calendar records from the chosen sheet.
  • Extract calendar with all its associated field items- Subject, Date, Time, Status, Description, etc.
  • Auto-map calendar fields as well as manually map/customize them as per your preference.
  • Get the ability to name the resulting ICS files based on their subject and auto-numbering.
  • Complete the conversion without making a single modification to the data of source Excel file.
  • Select any location from your computer to save newly files containing Excel calendars.
  • Convert Excel files created with any new to older version of MS Excel (up to 2021).
  • Complete conversion process without the need for any additional software, even MS Excel.
  • Useable on computer having newest to oldest edition of Windows O/S (including- Windows 11).
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Demo Edition:- Excel file conversion with up to 5 Calendar records with no charges.

Excel to ICS Converter Software - Features with Details

Efficiently Convert Excel Calendar to ICS files

A reliable technique to handle the operation of Excel file conversion with calendar into ICS files. Import calendars from Excel to ICS files with the elements- Subject, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Location, Description, Attendees, and more.

    Save Excel calendar to ICS in 2 different modes: -

  • ICS File:- Save each calendar record with associated details in separate ICS file.
  • Save in Single (Combined) ICS file: - All calendar records of selected sheet preserve in a single ICS file.

Working process >> How to Convert Excel Calendar to ICS?

convert excel calendar to ics
excel to outlook MSG and PST files

Export Excel Calendar to Outlook PST and MSG files

Not only ICS, but also get the power to save Excel calendar to 2 more Outlook file types. With the assistance of the software convert Excel calendar to PST and MSG files with the options: -

  • Import to New PST file:- Generate a new PST file and add all excel calendars in it.
  • Import to Existing Outlook Profile: - This option allows you to add a new folder with a custom name to your default Outlook profile and save all Excel file calendars in it.
  • MSG: - Export calendar records from Excel file save each record in separate MSG file.

Working process >> Convert Excel Calendar to Outlook

view calendar records from excel sheet

Preview Calendar Records

Get a preview of each calendar event from the Excel file before starting the actual conversion. View each calendar record with all their associated fields and data inside the preview panel of the software. The software also shows the total number of sheets in the Excel file and shows all the available calendar records from the selected sheet.

export calendar from chooses excel sheet

Excel Calendar Sheet Selection

Add an Excel file containing multiple spreadsheets and be able to select a specific sheet to extract calendars. The software enables users to select their required spreadsheet from the Excel file and will export the calendar records from the selected sheet.

mapping calendar fields automatically or manually

Auto-Mapping Calendar Fields

Map calendar fields automatically and manually through the software. Easily map fields from the Excel calendar to equivalent or related fields you want to save in the resulting ICS file.

Note: - The software will map all the fields automatically, the resulting fields can be manually customized by the user as required.

naming resultant ICS

Naming Resultant ICS files

Software offers a separate option for providing a name to the resultant files. To provide a name to files the available modes are: -

  • Subject:- A name to newly generated files according to their subject.
  • Auto-Numbering: - Assigns a name to files according to auto-numbering.
    (For example: - It will save the first file as 0.ics, and the second as 1.ics)
conversion without data loss or modication issues

Lossless Excel Calendar Conversion

Lossless conversion of Excel calendar files will be done by the software. The tool will export each calendar event to an Excel file with all their linked details. It also maintains the data quality in source Excel files and provides accurate results when exporting calendar entries.

self choose a path to save resulted file

Manual Saving Path Selection

Location for storing the resultant files users can manually choose from their hard drive. Before conversion users can specify the path and save all the newly generated file to that place easily. All the resultant files will appear on place after completion of conversion process.

Supports all MS Excel editions

All MS Excel Editions support

Calendars stored in Excel files of any MS Excel version (up to 2021) can be easily extracted from this software. Convert Excel XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLA and CSV files that are generated through any calendar application, including- Google Calendar, Outlook, Lotus Notes, MS Excel, etc.

a clear and easily usable graphical interface

Conveniently Usable Interface

For users who are non-technical as well as high-tech individuals, this software is the best choice for Excel calendar conversion. All types of users can use this tool to handle the Excel calendar export option swiftly. Also, users will get instant results with minimum effort because of its smart graphical interface.

works on all windows editions

Available for Windows O/S

Excel Calendar Converter is specifically developed to run on Windows-based computers. Users can execute this tool on a computer that has any version of Windows O/s installed. It works equally for Excel calendar conversion on every version of Windows (including- Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below editions).

free excel calendar to ics file conversion

Free Convert Excel Calendar to ICS

Get the ability to convert Excel calendar files to ICS and other available formats for free. With demo edition of the software users can easily test all the software function for free. In addition, users can convert Excel calendar file with up to 5 calendar records free of cost.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Convert Excel file with Calendar items to ICS
Open file and Preview Excel calendar records
Calendar field mapping (auto/manual)
Conversion to PST & MSG
Unlimited Conversion Convert Excel sheet only with 5 calendar records
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Software Specification

Trial Limitations

Export 5 Calendar events from Excel to ICS and other available conversion formats for free.

Software Info


Supported Files


Personal, Corporate, Technician

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Works with all windows O/S editions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Download and run eSoftTools Excel to ICS converter software for windows.
  • Press the Browse Excel File and Add Excel file button and import Excel calendar file.
  • Select sheet from Excel file to load and preview all their calendar records.
  • Hit on Next and map the Excel calendar fields with ICS calendar fields.
  • After mapping fields, click on Next and choose ICS file from export options.
  • Apply saving settings - naming option and destination path selection.
  • Lastly, hit on Next and start exporting calendar entries from Excel to ICS files.

Excel Calendar to ICS Converter

Check software's working process, for Excel Calendar to ICS Conversion: - How to Convert Excel to ICS Calendar?.

Yes, apart from ICS, there are Outlook MSG, and PST file format options in which users can save Excel calendars. Also, this tool provides a separate option to import Excel calendars into an existing Outlook profile/PST file.

This software provides a preview panel where it shows all the calendars with complete information from the Excel file. Additionally, it shows the total number of spreadsheets and calendar records from them.

Yes, this software extracts all calendar entries from an Excel spreadsheet at one time. Moreover, it provides an additional option to combine and save all the calendars into a single ICS file.

This software enables users to extract calendars from Excel files along with stored information like subject, status and others.
Yes, firstly the software maps all the relevant fields automatically and after the mapping process, it gives the calendar fields in the output, that users can select and map as per their preferences.
The software also enables users to provide custom name to resultant files. For naming resultant file there is two options Auto-Numbering and Subject-wise.

Yes, users can convert Excel XLSX, XLS as well as CSV files of any new to an older version of MS Excel. Convert Excel calendar file which is generated from Excel 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and below versions.

The software can convert Excel calendar files on its own without the need for any additional applications.
To use this software, users simply need a computer with Windows O/S, no matter what version of Windows it is. It will work the same way in all editions.
The free demo enables users to test all the functions of the software without spending a single penny. With this demo version, you can convert an Excel calendar file with 5 records for free.

Client Most Valuable Review's

(Rated 5 Star)
Wonderful software! I used it on my managed calendar Excel file and generated ICS files for importing into Outlook. The tool works perfectly, and now I have successfully imported the generated ICS files into Outlook without any errors.
[ Thomas Schmidt ]  [ Germany ]
(Rated 5 Star)
Easy-to-use and simple tool! The work of the software is awesome. Thank you, team, for making an easier tool for a beginner like me.
[ Thomas Marples ]  [ United Kingdom ]
(Rated 5 Star)
The interface of the software is unique, with fewer mouse clicks to convert Excel calendar to ICS file. Very good tool.
[ Mark Nemeth ]  [ Canada ]