EML Duplicate Remover software

Highly advanced solution designed to remove email duplicates from EML/EMLX files. Perform EML duplicate removal in batch mode. Find copies of emails from EML files and delete them easily with an automated process.

  • Delete EML Duplicates from within the folder.
  • Remove EML duplicates across all selected folders.
  • Filter & remove duplicate emails with different settings.
  • Erase/Remove Duplicate EML from Windows Machine.
EML Duplicate Remover software

EML Duplicate Remover Tool - Advanced Features

EML Duplicate Remover software

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  • Delete emails from different EML/EMLX files containing similar emails.
  • Remove duplicate EML files within folders or across all selected folders.
  • Get two different options to add EML files - "Select EML file" or "Select EML Folder".
  • Select the required folders from which you want to remove duplicate EML files.
  • Load EML files and open/view emails of all selected EML files one by one.
  • Select a path to preserve the resulting EML files by removing duplicate emails.
  • Provide names to the resulting EML files with naming convention options.
  • Filter emails based on their "Date", "To", & "From" to specifically delete EML files.
  • Supports EML/EMLX files generated from any supported applications including- Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and others.
  • It has a graphical interface that any type of user can use safely without any hassle.
  • Designed and developed to work on any version of Windows OS (up to windows 11).
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Demo Edition:- Delete 25 EML files containing similar emails from each selected folder.

All Features of EML Duplicate Remover software

Remove/Delete Duplicate Emails from EML files

Several people are facing the problem of duplicate EML files on their computers. They have multiple EML files containing identical emails in different folders. For those people there is EML Duplicate Remover software from eSoftTools.

Using this automated software, get rid of duplicate EML files by automatically deleting identical EML files from folders on your drive. Delete duplicates of EML with 2 unique options: -

  • Search and Remove duplicates EML files within folder
  • Search and Remove duplicates EML files across all selected folder

Working process >> How to Remove Duplicate EML files?

remove duplicate EML files
remove duplicate EML file within folders

Remove EML Duplicate within folder

Find duplicate EML files within folders and delete them easily. The software will first scan the EML file within a folder and delete their copies from the folder. Next, it will scan the EML files within the second folder to remove duplicates and then the software will do the same with other folders.

Remove EML Duplicate across all selected folder

Use this option to find EML files with identical emails and information in all selected folders and delete them parallelly. This function of the software will enable users to find all the EML duplicates from all the selected folders and delete them at once.

remove duplicate EML files across all folders
ad eml file or folder

Add EML with 2 different options

    Into the software, add EML files in 2 different ways to find and remove duplicates: -

  • Select EML Folder: - Add the folder containing the EML files or sub-folders (with EML files) from your local drive.
  • Select EML files: - Manually select EML files (two or more) from a folder of your computer and add them to the software.
remove duplicate eml from selective folders

Select folders to remove duplicates

Add multiple folders/sub-folders to the software at once and get the ability to select the required folders. View each folder containing EML files in the right-side panel of the software and select the required folders from there. Choose the required folders and perform the task of removing duplicate EML files from selected folders only.

view emails from EML filess

Preview Emails from EML files

Scan selected folders into the software, and preview emails from EML files before deleting duplicates. Open each EML file and view emails from each EML file with basic information. Preview emails including all relevant information- header elements, subject, message text, attachments, etc.

self-choose a saving path

Choose your own saving location

This software does not alter or delete the original EML files. It simply generates new EML files while removing duplicates and preserves them in a folder specified by the users. Manually users can specify a location from their computer to save the resulting EML files (without duplicates).

naming convention

10 different naming conventions

The software enables users to save output email files with custom names. Users get 10 different naming convention options. Choose a naming convention and name the resulting EML files with a combination of the email attributes "from (sender's email address)", "subject", and "date".

mail filter with different modes

Multiple Mail filtering options

    Filter emails from EML files and remove EML duplicates from EML with specific emails: -

  • Date: - emails filter by their date from EML file for removing duplicates.
  • To “Recipient”: - filter emails from EML files by recipient's email address.
  • From “Sender”: - Input sender's email address and filter emails from EML files.
risk-free solution

No chances of data loss or alters

Software works on an algorithm that automatically filters similar EML files and removes them automatically. It creates new EML files and saves them at the location that users have selected as the saving path without duplicates. While doing that it never makes any changes in original/source EML files.

save emails with all information in EML

Preserve complete emails info

Users get their EML files at their specified saving location without duplicates. Inside each EML file users will get their email with relevant information along with its originality. It saves emails with the information like- date, recipient/sender email address, message text, attachments, etc.

EML/EMLX of all supported application are compatible

Supports all type of EML/EMLX files

Remove duplicates of both EML and EMLX files of any type and size. With the same process, perform the task of removing duplicates of EML files generated from applications like- Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and other EML-based email clients.

smart graphical interace

Advanced Graphical User Interface

The software comes with an advanced but clear and easy interface that the user can operate without any prior knowledge. Any user with or without technical knowledge can run this software and get the best results to remove EML duplicates.

working on windows os

Works on all Windows OS versions

This software can be easily run on computers running any version of Windows. Users can safely execute this tool on any Windows OS version including Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and earlier versions (both 32 and 64-bit).

remove duplicate eml free

Remove EML Duplicates Free

It is also possible to test the functioning of this software for free with the free demo version of this EML duplicate remover tool. The demo version also enables users to perform duplicate removal of up to 25 EML files from each selected folder.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Remove Duplicate EML/EMLX files
Remove Duplicate EML within folder
Remove Duplicate EML across all chosen folders
Email preview from EML/EML files
Mail filtering by Email Date, From and To
Saving Resulted files to desired location
Remove Unlimited Duplicate of EML/EMLX files Check and remove only 25 EML
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Software Specification

Trial Limitations

The demo edition can search for copies of up to 25 EML files from each selected folder and remove duplicates.

Software Info


Supported Files


Personal, Corporate, Technician

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Works with all windows O/S editions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Download and run this Windows-based EML Duplicate Remover software
  • Press Select EML File/folder button and choose a EML adding option: -
    • Select EML Files: Add single or multiple EML files from one folder.
    • Select EML Folder: Add a folder with multiple EML files and folders.
  • Import and Load EML folder or files then hit on the Next button.
  • Scan imported folders/files and get email preview from EML files.
  • Select required EML folders and press the Remove Duplicate EML button.
  • Choose any one option for duplicate EML removing: -
    • Search and Remove duplicates EML files within folder.
    • Search and Remove duplicates EML files across all selected folder.
  • Use saving location, naming convention, and mail filtering options.
  • Finally, hit on Convert and start removing duplicate EML files..

EML Duplicate Remover

Check complete process of removing duplicate EML files: - How to Remove Duplicate EML files?.

Yes, it is possible to have duplicate EML files available in different folders. Additionally, users can also choose to delete duplicate EML files within folders.

Yes, users can add an entire folder (with an unlimited number of EML files). Moreover, you can add unlimited EML files from a specific folder in the software.

Users can add a folder containing various sub-folders and from the preview panel, they can select their required folders. This folder selection enables users to remove EML duplicates from selected folders only.

Yes, before performing the EML duplicates deleting job, user can view emails from the loaded EML files. Users can see email with complete email information from every EML file one by one.
This software searches for duplicates from source folders and extracts unique emails from there, and then saves them at a location chosen by users.
This software allows users to manually choose a location from their computer's hard drive to preserve the resulting EML files (without duplicates).
Through the process of email filtering, users can select the emails they want to remove from the duplicate EML file. User can easily filter emails based on their date and email address of "From" and "TO" fields.
No, it never makes any changes to the source or original EML files. It searches only matching EML files and saves only the unique file without duplicates at the user specified saving location.
Using this software, you can remove duplicate EML/EMLX files that are generated from any supported application like- Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and others.
You can run this software on computers running any version of Windows O/S including Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and older versions.
The free demo can help users test all the capabilities of the software and offer to remove up to 25 duplicate EML files from each chosen folder at no charge.

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