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Are you searching for a solution to transfer emails from HostGator Server to Gmail account? If yes then read this article to get the best answer. Here we will show you the instant method to transfer HostGator email to Gmail. Let’s start.

In addition to website hosting, email hosting is another service that many hosting companies offer for users. HostGator is also a hosting company that offers email hosting services.

Users can easily create and manage a business email account with HostGator email hosting. HostGator allows users to perform emailing tasks with RoundCube and Horde Webmail apps. Users also get the ability to save each sent and received email on the HostGator mail server.

Occasionally, HostGator users come into scenarios where they are required to move their emails to another web-based mail app like- Gmail. In that kind of situation, they require a solution to transfer HostGator email to Gmail.

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Users Query

User 1: – I have hosted my website on HostGator servers for the last 5 years. I’m also using its email hosting service to manage my business emails. For some reason now I want to stop using HostGator. But before doing that, I want to transfer emails from HostGator server to my personal Gmail account. Please suggest some way to do this.

User 2: – I’m using HostGator’s email hosting service to handle emails for my business email account. I am a financial advisor and on a daily basis I receive many emails from my clients. All these emails are crucial, that’s why I want to save these emails in my personal Gmail account. Is there any solution available, that can allow me to transfer emails from HostGator to Gmail account?

Easiest way to transfer HostGator email to Gmail

For easily shifting emails from HostGator Mail Server to Gmail account is easy by taking the help of eSoftTools HostGator Email Backup and Migration software. This is a smart solution that is specifically made for doing this job.

All users can smartly export emails from email accounts that are hosted on HostGator Server. It exports each email while maintaining its formatting, and properties. At one time, this tool can transfer emails from multiple HostGator account mail folders. In addition, there are many more smart functions inside this tool to safely perform the HostGator Email Migration.

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How to migrate emails from HostGator server to Gmail account?

Download the HostGator Backup and migration software and apply the steps shown below: –

  • Run the software and enter email account details that are hosted on HostGator.
  • Add your Email Address, Password, and Host Name, and press the Login button.
  • Sign in to the software and load all mail folders of your email account.
  • Make a selection of the needed folders and hit the Import to Cloud button.
  • Select the Import to Gmail from Cloud options and press the Next button.
  • Press the Authenticate Login button and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Apply mail filter by date setting to export emails of a specific date range.
  • Lastly, click the Import to Gmail button to transfer HostGator emails to Gmail.

Start the migration through the software and after completion, get all your HostGator account mail folders on your Gmail account.


The user will need to transfer emails from HostGator servers to the Gmail account. There could be many reasons behind this like backup creation, security reasons, and others. For all those users who are in this situation, we have provided this blog post. To complete this migration task in less time and less effort, just take the help of the above method. Also, try the free demo edition of the HostGator Email Backup and Migration tool and get instant results.

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