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What are EML files?

EML files are electronic mail or email and it is one type of file extension for an email message saved to a file for electronic mail messages. EML files are widely used by multiple email clients to store their email messages in the .eml file extension on a computer hard drive. Some of the email clients that use the EML file extension for saving emails are- Outlook Express, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, etc.

As we know the .eml files are an email and they are divided into two main parts. The first one is the header and the second is the message body part. The header part contains email header information such as email sender details, receiver details, email subject, date, and time of the email. The Message body part contains the actual data of an email message and it contains both TEXT and HTML versions of a message.

How to open the EML File?

There are a variety of ways to open. EML files, double click on the EML files and if your computer has any predefined email client for .eml files then it will open up promptly. If you do not have any predefined email client for opening .eml files then you must install the .eml file supportable email client to view or you can go with the EML Viewer Software which helps you to open EML files without needing any other email clients.

Users Queries

Query 1. I want to Import EML to Gmail, This is the reason that I am wandering on an internet browser to seek the Best EML Converter Software to Import EML to Gmail safely without losing the data and restructuring the layout of EML folders. I found lots of EML Converter Software over the internet, and Now I am in dilemma about which software should I use and download that fulfills my need to migrate from EML to Gmail. Kindly suggest me a good software.

Query 2. I have thousands of EML files about my family in my archive box, and I want to check some of my family’s email communications, but I do not have any application to open them. I read a few articles and learned that I can use EML Viewer Software, and I used it the same way, but now I want to import these EML files into Outlook. Is there any way to import EML files into Outlook? Let me know.

Five Best EML Converter Software

Considering the need for lots of user queries I received, I brought up this article to take away the confusion of users regarding the best and most secure EML Converter software. After a lot of research, testing, and quality checks, I got a few of the best EML Converter software, which I will show you here in this blog. As per my checks, these tools perform excellent conversions, making them reliable and trustworthy tools on the bench. So, read all these mentioned EML Converter software and go with them according to your needs and uses.

eSoftTools EML Converter Suite

eSoftTools EML Converter Suite was introduced by eSoftTools Software, a pioneering provider of the best email conversion tool, which is used by millions of IT experts, home users, and corporate users. eSoftTools has a dozen digital products in its lineup, including the best email conversion tools, password recovery, data migration applications, and cloud backup tools. eSoftTools EML Converter Suite is one of them, which offers lots of unique features to the users to take and convert EML files as they want in more than 15+ different file formats. The tool for EML Converter provides a variety of conversion options, such as EML to PST, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MBOX, Thunderbird, Office365, Gmail, G-Suite, YahooMail, IMAP Account, etc.

Best-in-Class Features of eSoftTools EML Converter Suite

  1. One easy tool to manage EML files in more than 15+ file formats.
  2. Easy to load bulk EML files with folder and sub-folders
  3. The smart preview panel gives more confidence when using the software.
  4. Smartly preserve every single email metadata and header properties.
  5. The search option-enabled tool gives the opportunity to search EML files from the computer’s hard drive.
  6. More than options for EML file conversion such as- EML to PST, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MBOX, and etc.
  7. Import EML files into cloud system like Office365, Gmail, G-Suite, YahooMail, and IMAP accounts.
  8. Option to direct import EML files into Thunderbird in just one click of mouse.
  9. Variety of option available for conversion from EML to PST like- Set PST file name, Sore profile name, Set password on PST file.
  10. The software has multiple filter options for EML files to choose, filter and convert those EML files into desired file formats.

This software has more powerful and unique features inbuilt that help users easily open any amount of EML files in just a few seconds and offers a variety of conversion options. I recommend all of you use this tool once and experience its features and quality of conversion.

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SysInspire EML Converter Wizard

This is another EML Converter Tool that can be opted by users for the conversion or importing to the cloud process. This tool is introduced by SysInspire Software and offers a variety of options to the users to obtain and convert EML files into the desired conversion format. This software has a very simple and easy-to-navigate interface that can be operated by any novice user.

This software has also more than conversion options such as- EML to PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MBOX, Office365, Gmail, and IMAP Server Account migration.

Features of SysInspire EML Converter Wizard

  • Availability of adding single as well as multiple EML files for conversion.
  • Preview enabled panel to prior check the email contents.
  •  Offers to convert unlimited EML files to another file format without any limitations.
  • The tool provide multiple conversion formats for EML files such as- EML to PST, NSF, EML, MSG, EMLX, HTML, MBOX, Thunderbird, and etc.
  • This tool has an easy-to-understand interface, there is no requirement of technical competences to use the software for conversion purpose.
  • This tool also preserves the folder and sub-folder structure of EML message files.
  • Prevew the emails with the inner content of EML files while conversion

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Enstella EML Converter Software

Enstella Systems EML Converter Software is a very powerful and expert-chosen tool. This software is use by 2 million users worldwide and has won lots of awards for its quality of conversion and accuracy. If you are looking for easy-to-use and safest software, you should go for this tool and complete the conversion in just a few minutes. This software has smart-built features that are very useful for users, like email filtering, self-deciding Outlook Store profiles, adding passwords to PST files, naming convention options, etc.

Enstella EML Converter Software Features:

  • Convert EML files into 9+ file formats including MHTML, HTML, MSG, EMLX, MBOX, Zimbra, etc.
  • Import/ Upload into cloud-based applications like Office 365 cloud, YahooMail,, etc.
  • Import EML files to IMAP Server Accounts.
  • Direct option to import EML files into Thunderbird Profile.
  • Users can reduce the large files into separate files from 1GB to 10GB
  • Users can view the inner content of EML files with attachments in inbuilt preview panel.
  • The software has 2-separate options to choose EML files-
    • Add EML files
    • Add EML folders
  • User can set the file naming convention on their choice.

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IDC EML Converter Software to Convert EML files

Converting EML files is sometimes very complicated process for non-techy users, IDC EML Converter Software is designated in such a way that all users whether techy or non-techy users can easily utilize the tool in order to convert EML files to numerous other file formats. This software offers different kinds of features and functionalities to users.

Features of IDC EML Converter Software to convert EML files

  • The software supports both EML and EMLX file conversion.
  • Software preserved email header, metadata and properties accurately.
  • There would be NO alteration in the original formatting of EML messages files.
  • This tool also maintains 100% accurate folder structure during the conversion process.
  • This software has 7+ types of conversion for EML files such as- EML to PST, EMLX, MSG, NSF, MBOX, Thunderbird and etc.
  • The graphical interface of this software is easier for everyone to handle and operate.

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SoftMails Converter for EML

The SoftMails Converter for EML software is our last opinion for EML conversion series. This software is also performs the best output after the conversion. This software has multiple conversion from EML files and these formats are- 

PST, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, NSF, HTML, MHTML, Office365 and Gmail Migration.

Features of SoftMails EML Converter Software

  • As usual this software will also provide you more exporting options including PST, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, NSF, HTML, MHTML, Office365 and Gmail Migration.
  • This tool enables users to convert EML files with their attachments.
  • This tool does not required any email client installation and independently convert EML to PST without installation of MS Outlook.
  • Software allows to set the Outlook Store Name as well applying the password to PST file.
  • While conversion process, it preserve the formatting and structure of EML file.
  • Software gives options to the users to easily import EML or EMLX files Office365 and Gmail account with all emails and attachments.

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After the profound exploration and analysis of every Tool on the internet, I have demonstrated the best and safest EML Converter Software in 2023 with their features and functionalities in this blog. Users can choose any of them for conversion purposes. All are well-developed and have an intuitive interface that would facilitate users to operate the tool for conversion or importing. After reading this article, I hope you can select the best EML Converter Software.

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