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A few decades earlier people used to write letters as a means of communication. But with the advancement of technology, people now rely on emails to communicate with each other. Emails can serve a purpose in the corporate environment as well as for an individual. They are faster means of communication in textual format. It also maintains the privacy of the sender and recipient as compared to letters

To serve these purposes, there are many options available which may include the following service providers: IBM Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc. One should choose that email client that is suitable for their needs and preferences. IBM Lotus Notes and Outlook are the most preferred email clients nowadays.

IBM Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is the software of IBM and is much more than just a mail server. It allows the user to make a copy of the mailbox on your laptop so that while traveling you stay updated through offline mode. But if later on, you sync your account with the server then all the emails get updated robotically. It allows cross-functional team members to share and pass information. There is no need for any backend services like MS Access, Oracle, etc for the storage of information. But still, if there is a need then, the user can connect it to any backend source of data.

Microsoft Outlook

The outlook is a product of Microsoft which gaining popularity with time. It integrates with a lot of other applications easily. With the upgrade of each version of Outlook, the level of security increases which protects the user from junk mail, phishing websites, etc, and provides the option to disable live links and block senders. One can connect with others through this as information sharing is much easier.  For example, the user can share the calendar with their fellows easily. He can even create, edit, and manage an online calendar among a group to stay updated at the comfort level.

It is more than just an application for the computer as it can be used on mobile as well without being near to the computer. Some of its features help to increase the productivity of the user. It can even remind the user that the attachment may be missing and allow him to halt the email in between after sending it and add the attachments. The emails having information about the flight, car, hotel, etc booking is automatically added to the calendar which facilitates the user in saving time. Even the option of multiple tabs in Outlook is available.

Reasons to choose Outlook over Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes to Outlook
Lotus Notes to Outlook
  • Cost and maintenance: It is the prime reason that is kept in mind while using any software. The product should be economically feasible with low cost and better performance. As Outlook comes under the Microsoft suite therefore nothing extra has to be paid. Whereas, For Lotus Notes, the users need a separate subscription and seems to be expensive in comparison.
  • Time: Outlook provides the option to log in to multiple accounts at one time easily whereas, with Lotus Notes, users have to log in in different panels to work with multiple accounts at one time.
  • User Interface: Lotus Notes has a nice and easy graphical user interface but when we compare it with Outlook it seems to be less appealing. To operate Outlook, one does not need to train oneself as its GUI is very comprehensive. Also as it is the part of Microsoft family, so user enjoys the privilege of integration with the Office suite.
  • Smart features: Outlook has many smart features which are not available with any other email client. For instance, the user can change the no of lines in the preview of the message and can even send the email at the date of the future. Even the user can customize and manage the rules of Outlook on its own.
  • Updates with time: With time, users expect better technology according to their demands, needs, and market trends. Outlook follows this policy and therefore you find many updates periodically with new amazing features. But Lotus Notes updates take more time to reach their users.

How to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

For Lotus Notes to Outlook migration, one can execute commands manually. But it is less preferred as it is a risky method with consumes a lot of time too. So for an easy procedure, one can use an automated tool like eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter Software This tool can re-establish Lotus Notes NSF files into Outlook (PST) file without distorting the index structure of information. If the files of Lotus Notes corrupt dues to any reason then also it can even preview them to the user easily.

Unique and smart features of eSoftTools NSF to PST converter software are the following:

The box of eSoftTools NSF to PST converter software
NSF to PST converter software box
  • It acts as an NSF file viewer in case of damage of Lotus Notes files as the user can preview all the inaccessible files easily.
  • This software has the option to export NSF files into many different file formats including HTML, PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, vCard, and more file formats. Know more about how to convert files here.
  • The user has the privilege to divide PST files into many new smaller PST files.
  • It provides the option to restore every element of the mailbox consisting of messages (inbox, outbox, sent), notes, tasks, journals, contacts, etc. without any limitation.
  • The structure of folders and subfolders remains the same throughout the process.
  • Selective and complete file recovery options are available.
  • 100% accuracy guarantee with 24*7 assistance.
  • A free demo is present on the web to try and we suggest trying it first before concluding to the decision.
  • Provision of Money-back guarantees and free software (PST to EML) with the paid version.

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