Want to split some MBOX files and searching a reliable solution for doing this job? If yes, then know the best method for completing this task, through this article. Here we will show you “How to Split MBOX file into Smaller Files?”.

There are several desktop-based mail applications that users are using for emailing. Most of the mail apps are using MBOX files for preserving users’ profile emails locally. A single MBOX file can save a complete mail folder with a large number of emails with their linked attachments.

MBOX file format is the best medium to hold several emails in a single place. But sometimes holding all emails into a single MBOX file can create different issues for users. In that case, users need to split MBOX files into smaller files/separate files.

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Quick Solution to Split MBOX File into smaller files

A straightforward solution to split MBOX files into smaller files/separate files is eSoftTools MBOX Splitter and Merger software. Smoothly break large-size MBOX files into numerous small parts, with this smart solution.

Using this smart utility, get the ability to split MBOX files with different splitting options. Also, get a preview of the MBOX file’s inner items before splitting. Split an MBOX file by size, date, year, and email address, and get several smarter features inside the software.

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How to Split MBOX files into separate files with MBOX splitter software?

Download, Install MBOX Splitter software on your computer and follow these below-given steps: –

  • Launch the MBOX splitter and press the Add File/Folder button.
  • Choose a file selection mode from the available options: –
    • Select MBOX file: – Add a single MBOX file at once from a known location.
    • Select MBOX folder: – Choose a folder having multiple MBOX files and add all files at once.
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile: – In a single click load all Thunderbird profile mail folders.
  • After the selection of MBOX files, press the Next button.
  • Load all selected MBOX files and their inner data into the software.
  • Get a preview of all inner emails from the MBOX files through the software.
  • Make a selection of needed mail folders and click the Split & Merge button.
  • From the next screen, select the Split MBOX file options and click on Next.
  • Choose a split option and apply their relevant settings: –
    • Split By Size: – define file size and break the MBOX files into defined-sized files.
    • Split By Date: – Select the start and end date of emails and break MBOX files with emails of only chosen dates.
    • By Email Address: – Enter the email address of From, To, CC, and BCC fields and split MBOX files with emails of only chosen email addresses.
    • Split By Year: – Select or input years and split MBOX files with emails of specified years.
  • Choose your desired method of MBOX file splitting and hit on Next.
  • Select a location for saving resultant files and press the Split button.

Begin the task of MBOX file splitting into smaller files by applying these steps and get instant results.

Advanced Features of eSoftTools MBOX Splitter and Merger software

  • By applying simple steps split the MBOX file into smaller files/separate files.
  • At a particular time, split single MBOX as well as split multiple MBOX files.
  • Get a preview of all emails with all their relevant information from MBOX files.
  • Add MBOX files file/folders with 3 different file-adding options.
  • Split MBOX files with 4 distinct options – split by size, date, year, and email address.
  • Saves the resultant files after splitting to the location chosen by users.
  • In addition to splitting MBOX, the software also supports merging MBOX files.
  • Merge and split MBOX files without making any modifications to source MBOX files.
  • Works in all Windows O/S editions including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, XP, Vista, and others.
  • Free of cost split MBOX file with 25 emails with demo edition of MBOX splitter tool.


For separating emails from MBOX files, reducing MBOX file size, and doing some other kind of work, users need to split MBOX files. To help those users, we have written this article and provided the best method for splitting MBOX files. Use the above-given method and split the MBOX file into smaller files with ease.

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