Want to know the best solution to extract and save Office365 emails to HTML files? If yes, then simply read this article till the end. Here we will show you “How to Save/Export Office 365 Email to HTML files?”.

Office365 is a subscription-based cloud service which is offered by the brand Microsoft. Users get online access to all Office suite applications (like- Word, Excel, Outlook) with an Office365 account.

Outlook is also available in the Office365 service that we know as Outlook 365. With this service, users can access their email accounts that are configured in Outlook. Users can access the Office365 email account directly from any device by just using a web browser.

Microsoft provides a cloud storage facility and enables Office365 users to store their profile data on cloud servers. The user’s Office365 email profile data Microsoft also preserves in cloud servers.

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Why Save/Export Office 365 Email to HTML files?

Because of multiple reasons users prefers to save or export emails from Office 365 account to HTML files, like-

  • Accessing emails locally: – An Internet connection is needed for Office365 account data because it is a cloud-based service. By saving emails to HTML files users can get the power to access Office365 emails locally with web browsers.
  • Saving emails separately: – Several users also want to export Office365 emails to HTML files. By doing this, users can save each office365 email separately.
  • Transferring email information: – HTML is a universal file type and is accessible on multiple devices and apps. Also, HTML files are smaller in size, so these files can be a smarter choice for sharing data.

A reliable solution to Save Office365 emails to HTML files

Download Office365 emails as HTML files with the aid of eSoftTools Office365 Backup software. In a direct manner, from the Office365 mailbox, it exports all emails with their original formatting and properties.

By applying a simple process, users can extract emails with attachments from the office365 account. This tool allows users to download and save emails with attachments and other properties like- to, bcc, cc, subject, date, message body, etc.

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How to Download emails from Office365 mailbox to HTML files?

For exporting office365 email to HTML files, download and install eSoftTools Office365 backup software on your computer and apply the below-given steps.

  • Launch the Office365 Backup software on your Windows machine.
  • Enter your Office365 account email address and click on Login.
  • In the next screen, enter all required Office365 account details for login.
  • Load all office365 mailbox folders and choose the needed folders that list.
  • After folder selection, select the “Save in HTML” option, from the export options.
  • Use and apply mail filtering by date and naming convention settings.
  • Finally, press the “Save Backup” button and Export Office 365 Email to HTML files.

Key Features of eSoftTools Office365 Backup software: –

  • With simple clicks, download emails and other mailbox items from Office 365 mailbox.
  • Download emails from multiple Office365 account mail folders in a single process.
  • Get a preview of needed folders, for choosing and exporting data from specific folders.
  • Save Emails in HTML, and 9+ other saving options like- PST, PDF, MHTML, MBOX, EML, EMLX, MSG, etc.
  • Get the ability to export emails of a specific period with a mail filter by date option.
  • With the naming convention option provide a custom name on the resultant HTML files.
  • Saving location manually choose from your drive to save the downloaded HTML files.
  • Access the software without prior knowledge, because of its easy graphical interface.
  • Operable on all editions of Windows O/s- 11, 10, 7, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, and below versions.
  • Free demo available to export 25 items from each selected folder of office365 mailbox for free.


Users want to export Office365 emails to HTML files for multiple reasons. In a simple manner, users can perform this task with the aid of eSoftTools Office365 Backup software. Take the help of this smart tool and backup Office365 emails to a local drive as HTML files.

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