Several users use 7z/7zip files for saving different types of data in it. But 7z files users sometimes become unable to access data from 7z files. The reason behind that is the forgotten password issue. If you are in the same situation, this article is written for you. Here you will get the answer for “How to Recover Lost 7Z/7Zip File Password? Easy Steps”

7Z/Zip is a program which allows users to minimize the size of their 7z files. For saving several files or folders to a single place 7z is the best option. As compared to other file compression programs like- Zip, Rar, ISO, and others, 7z has more compression ratio and security.

For this reason, there is a huge list of users who are using 7z files to preserve and archive their important data. With 7z users get the ability to save their data with complete security. In addition, while saving data in 7z files users also get the facility to encrypt files with passwords.

Adding password protection in 7z files is easy and also helps users in several situations. But in case, if a user has lost their 7z file password, that situation becomes so difficult for users.

Because of the forgotten password problem, users become unable to access their important data from 7z files. As a result, to access data of 7z files, users require to perform 7z password recovery.

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Quick Method to Recover Lost 7Z/7Zip file Password

All users who looking on Google “how to recover 7z/7zip file password?” now can get the assistance of eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery software. This tool will allow users to recover difficult or long length passwords with simple clicks.

This tool will quickly recover both the maximum and minimum lengths of passwords quickly and without any error. Also, without losing any data from the 7z file, it will perform forgotten 7z file password recovery. With a simple click, it will recover alphabetic, numeric, symbolic, and special character passwords.


How to Recover Lost 7Z/7Zip file Password using 7Z Password Recovery tool?

  • Download & Install eSoftTools 7Z Password recovery Tool.
  • Launch the software and hit the Browse file button to add 7z files.
  • After adding the locked 7z file select a recovery method from the options:-
    • Brute Force Attack
    • Mask Attack
    • Dictionary Attack
  • Select the required recovery method and apply other needed settings.
  • After all, selections hit the recover button to begin 7z file password Recovery process.

The software will start the recovery task, and provide your 7z file password in a very short time. After recovery, utilize the copy to clipboard option of the software and easily put the recovered password to the 7z file to unlock it easily.

Features of 7z Password Recovery Tool

  • Quickly Recover lost 7z/7zip password of any character combination.
  • Recover 7z file password of any length (short to long length password).
  • Supports retrieving multi-lingual, symbolic, numerical, alphabetic passwords
  • Has 3 different password recovery strategies- Brute Force, Mask and Dictionary attack.
  • Copy to clipboard feature is available to select and copy the entire password in one click.
  • All types of 7z/7zip files are supported by the software for the password recovery process.
  • Works on all editions of Windows including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Perform instant recovery with any modification inside the 7z file’s data


It is simple to access data from 7z files when a user has the password of their encrypted 7Zip files. But in case, if users forget their 7z file password, they must recover it. The automated tool called eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software is the best solution to perform this 7z password recovery process. It will quickly recover 7z /7zip passwords with advanced techniques such as Brute Force, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. To know more about its functions, download and try its free demo edition now.


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