How To Fix Issue “Outlook Only Opens In Safe Mode”?

When launching Outlook application facing a problem and “Outlook Only Opens In Safe Mode”? Have you tried some of solutions to fix this issues but unable to sort out the problem. So don’t worry, because here we are going to give you 100% workable tricks to fix this problem permently in this blog. Let’s start…

Safe Mode is a function that many programs offer. When a program doesn’t work properly, enabling this safe mode function the user can use that program to complete their pending tasks. It limits some of the functions that creating problems while using a program. Similarly, Outlook offers this feature to its users to use Outlook application with no problems.

When any error enters in Outlook automatically starts with safe mode. Safe mode is good, but only when it has a requirement. Because safe mode automatically disables some of the important functions of Outlook. Many users also have face problems with it.

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Real Users Query

A few days ago got some updates from MS Outlook. After this update whenever I open Outlook it automatically starts in safe mode. Outlook only opens in safe mode is very frustrating and also because of this safe mode problem, I am unable to use all functions of Outlook. Please provide me a workable solution to sort out this problem.

Reasons for this problem Outlook Only Opens In Safe Mode

  • Incompatible add-ins
  • KB3114409 Update
  • Corrupt Outlook Data File

Best Solutions to Fix issue “Outlook Only Opens In Safe Mode”

Method 1:- Remove unsupported or incompatible add-ins

Mainly in Outlook automatically start safe mode when any unnecessary update or add-on links with it. If this is the issue user first has to remove the unsupported or faulty add-ins to make Outlook again accessible. Try the below-mentioned steps to do this:-

  1. Launch Outlook in safe mode.
  2. Click on File then select the Options from menu.
  3. From the next opened screen select Add-ins and click on Go.
  4. Now from the provided check boxes, uncheck all.
  5. Now select the add-in that creating problem and click on Remove to easily uninstall it.

After this restart Outlook in normal mode.

Method 2:- System Restore

System Restoring process is another method that users can try to resolve the problem of Opening Outlook in Safe Mode. System restore will allow users to revert the recent changes that users have made in Outlook.

  1. Launch Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R key at a same time.
  2. Enter rstui.exe in the search box and press OK.
  3. From the System Restore window, choose a different restore point and select the Next button.

If with this method you are unable to fix the problem then you can try another method.

Method 3:- Uninstall KB3114409 Update

If the problem is safe mode problem exists in Outlook because of the KB3114409 update. The Only method to fix it is to Uninstall this KB3114409 update from Outlook restarts it with normal mode.

Method 4:- Reset Outlook Profile

Mostly the reason behind various Outlook-related problems is configuring an Outlook profile is not in the right manner. To resolve the problem user can try the method of resetting or reconfiguring an Outlook profile by applying the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Open Control Panel on your system.
  2. Select Mail option and open it.
  3. From the mail setup dialog box screen click on Show Profiles option.
  4. Press the Add option from new screen.
  5. Configure your existing Outlook account again and set it as default.
  6. Click on Apply to confirm the changes and restart Outlook.

Method 5:- Repair PST file

Another reason can be corruption in the PST file if you are facing “Outlook Only Opens In Safe Mode“. Mostly when users face any Outlook error users try to access Outlook in safe mode. This method sometimes works but users have to fix corruption errors from PST as soon as possible use Outlook in safe mode.

For resolving minor PST file errors Outlook offers an inbuilt utility called scanPST.exe tool. But if you are unable to fix PST file errors with this method they can try automated solutions to fix Outlook errors. The best technique to fix corrupt PST file users can try eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Software. The software is able to fix all corruption from PST files and also allows to recover lost data from corrupt PST in simple steps.



Safe mode is helpful when Outlook creates while opening and using. But if Outlook automatically starts in safe mode and you are unable to get a solution resolving this, it becomes very irritating. Here in this blog, we have provided some of the best techniques to Fix the “Outlook Only Opens In Safe Mode” Issue. Users can try these methods. If you are getting because of PST file corruption then you can try the automated tool eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Software. A free demo is also available to know more about its working process. Download it Now:-


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