Want to transfer emails between different IMAP-based mail apps? If so, then follow the article’s simple instructions to complete the task. Read the article to know about the process to Export/ Move Mail from One IMAP Server to Another.

Many users set up and manage their email accounts through different cloud and web-based mail apps. All those IMAP mail apps work on IMAP protocol and enable users to share and access emails from web browsers. Some of the most used IMAP based mail apps are- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Outlook.com, and others.

While using an IMAP-based mail app, users don’t need to download their email locally, because IMAP mail apps enable users to access their email directly from cloud servers. All webmail applications use cloud servers to preserve all user’s email profile data.

In some cases, users prefer to switch from one IMAP based mail app to another. In that situation, users require to Export/ Move Mail from One IMAP Server to Another.

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Directly Move Mail from One IMAP Server to Another

In a direct manner, users can migrate emails from One IMAP Server to another with eSoftTools IMAP to IMAP Migration software. This is the smartest method to export emails from all IMAP-based mail apps by applying some simple steps.

Transfer entire mailbox as well as specific mail folders from IMAP mail account at one time. From selected mail folders export all emails with all their associated information and attachments. Perform the migration without facing a single error or disturbance.

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How to Migrate Emails from One IMAP mail account to Another?

Apply the following steps through the eSoftTools IMAP migration software to migrate emails from one IMAP server to another: –

  • Download, and run the IMAP to IMAP Migration tool on your Windows computer.

  • Choose your IMAP mail apps from the available list of all mail apps.
  • Enter your IMAP account’s email address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Load all mail folders of your IMAP mail account by pressing the login button.
  • Select the required mail folders from the IMAP mail account and click on “Import to Cloud”.
  • Choose the Import to IMAP Account option and click the Next button.
  • Enter the new host’s (IMAP account) login information and apply further settings.
  • Finally, click on Convert to migrate emails from one IMAP mail account to another.

Best qualities of eSoftTools IMAP to IMAP Migration software

  • Directly transfer emails from different IMAP mail apps/accounts with a simple process.
  • Supports email migration from all IMAP-based mail apps by applying the same steps.
  • Also, export emails from hosting providers like- Bluehost, GoDaddy Mail, HostMonster, and others.
  • Supports exporting emails from selective/certain mail folders of IMAP accounts.
  • Provides the mail filter option to export IMAP emails with a defined date range.
  • Allow users to add a new folder with a unique name to the new host for saving imported data.
  • Working with every version of Windows O/S, including versions- 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and others.


Users will need to export data from one IMAP account to another server for a variety of reasons. In this write-up, we have demonstrated the simplest method for carrying out this task. Now use the eSoftTools IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool and transfer IMAP emails to another host by using the procedure described above.

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