Want to transfer email from mail accounts that are hosted on Bluehost servers to Gmail accounts? If yes, then, get the complete knowledge for doing this job effortlessly through this article. Here we will show you the easy steps to move email from Bluehost to Gmail.

Bluehost is one of the most well-known companies that offers website hosting services. In addition to hosting websites, mail hosting is another service that Bluehost offers to users. Many users are nowadays hosting their business and individual mail accounts with Bluehost.

It provides great functions and high-level security features for performing emailing tasks easily without facing errors. Bluehost enables users to handle emailing sending and receiving jobs with the webmail apps Roundcube and Horde Webmail.

All the sent and received emails Bluehost saves on its mail servers. But in some conditions, Bluehost users need to shift their mail account data to other platforms like- Gmail.

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Why export emails from Bluehost to Gmail?

There are multiple reasons for transferring emails from Bluehost Server to Gmail account, some of them are: –

  • Bluehost Email backup: – An additional backup of important email is the primary need of users. This backup can help users in making recovery of lost email in the future. By exporting emails from Bluehost server to Gmail account users can create an external backup of email account data easily.
  • Switching from Bluehost to Gmail: – Many users want to switch from Bluehost to Gmail for various reasons like- cost, interface, etc. This migration users want to complete while preserving their old email account data. Because of this reason, users need to export emails from Bluehost server to Gmail account.

Automatically move email from Bluehost to Gmail

Effortlessly export Bluehost emails to Gmail account with the fastest eSoftTools Bluehost Email Backup & Migration Tool. With the advanced features of this utility complete the Bluehost email to Gmail migration instantly without difficulty.

Migrate emails from all mail folders of Bluehost account to Gmail within a single process. Also, get more powerful features in the software like- Mail Filter, New Folder input, and more. Move Bluehost email to Gmail with all attachments and other properties while maintaining their original format.

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How to migrate emails from Bluehost to Gmail with Bluehost migration tool?

Simply apply these easy steps shown below by using eSoftTools Bluehost Email Backup and Migration Software: –

  • Download, install, and Launch Bluehost Migration software on your computer.
  • Enter your Bluehost mail account- Email Address, Password, Port, and Host Name.
  • Press the Login button and sign in to the software with your Bluehost account.
  • Load all mail folders of your Bluehost mail account and choose the required folders.
  • Press the Import to Cloud button, select the Import into Gmail option, and click on Next.
  • Press the Authenticate Login button and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Select the filter email option and choose the dates of emails that you want to export. (Not compulsory).
  • Lastly, hit the Import to Gmail Account button and start the migration job.

Smartest Features of eSoftTools Bluehost Backup and Migration Software –

  • Instant Bluehost Email Migration: – Conveniently migrate emails with attachments from Bluehost mail server to Gmail. In addition to Gmail, move emails to other cloud mail platforms like- Office365, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, Godaddy, and more.
  • Backup Bluehost emails to computer: – Download emails from Bluehost server to your computer’s local drive. Export and save Bluehost emails as PST, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, MSG, and Thunderbird mail files.
  • Export Chosen Mail Folders: – Get a preview of all available mail folders of Bluehost account inside the software. From this folder-preview screen choose needed folders to export emails of only selected mail folders.
  • Filter and export selected date emails: – With the mail filter function of the software, export emails of specific dates from Bluehost account. Select the start and end date of emails and export emails of specified dates easily.
  • New Folder Input with custom name: – Get the power to add a new folder in Gmail account to preserve the data that is imported from Bluehost account.
  • No Additional application dependency: – Complete both backup and migration jobs of Bluehost account emails with any additional software requirement.
  • Maintains data integrity while migration: – Move mail folders with all emails and their associated info from Bluehost account without getting a single type of modification.
  • Compatibility with Windows O/s: – Software supports working on computers having any edition of Windows O/S including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below editions.
  • Free Bluehost email migration: – Software is available with demo edition which can allow users to backup and migrate Bluehost emails for free. Free of cost migrate 25 emails from each chosen folder of Bluehost account using this demo edition.


Many Bluehost users want to move email from Bluehost to Gmail account. The reason can be different but the best solution for doing this job is only one which we have described in the above sections of this article. Now test the eSoftTools Bluehost Email Backup & Migration Tool and easily migrate Bluhost emails to your Gmail account.

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