Are you looking for a solution to transfer emails from Lotus Notes mail to G-Suite account? If yes, then get the exact solution through this article. Here, we will explain the easiest way to migrate Lotus Notes emails to G-Suite/Google Workspace. Come on, let’s start.

Lotus Notes (now also known as IBM Notes and HCL Notes) is a desktop-based application used for email profile management. If enable users to access their email account from their desktop.

It can help users send/receive emails and other interactions like managing contacts, calendars, etc. Lotus Notes keeps all this data that is associated with users’ email profiles in a data file called NSF.

Users can easily find this NSF database file in their computer at the location- AppData > Local > Lotus > Notes > Data

When using Lotus Notes, sometimes situations arise where users need to migrate to another email platform like– G-Suite.

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What is G-Suite/Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (G-suite) is a suite of cloud-based productivity tools offered by Google. It includes various Google applications like- Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs etc. Users can access these online/web-based services through custom business email accounts (not primary Gmail accounts).

Why shift emails from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace (Gmail)?

Some of the primary reasons why users prefer to transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace (Gmail) are: –

  • Modernization: – Lotus Notes is a desktop-based application and it is also an old technology. With the advancement of technology, users prefer to move to other more reliable and advanced email apps like Gmail.
  • Cloud-Based access: – Gmail is a cloud/web application and through its users can easily access their email account in a web browser, no matter what device or operating system they have. Users can even access a Gmail account in multiple places at one time.
  • Cost Savings: – Compared to Lotus Notes, using Google Workspace becomes much cheaper for users.
  • External Email Backup: – Some users like to transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Gmail to create additional copies of their important emails.

Instant Solution to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Google Workspace

Simply transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace with a utility called eSoftTools Lotus Notes to Gmail Migration Software. This will enable users to export Lotus Notes emails from NSF files to both primary Gmail and Google Workspace accounts. With a simple process, it executes and completes the migration and provides immediate results.

The software gives users the power to directly open NSF files and the option to select folders to export selective folders. It also provides many more advanced functions for easy email migration tasks.

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How to move Emails from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace/G-suite?

  • Download and Run eSoftTools Lotus Notes to Gmail Migration software.
  • Press the Select NSF button and select single or bulk NSF file conversion mode.
  • Import Lotus Notes NSF files into the software and hit the Start Scanning button.
  • Scan the NSF file and load all Lotus Notes mailbox folders and data items.
  • Preview each item, choose the needed folders and press the Import to Gmail button.
  • Enter your Google Workspace account email address and its associated app password.
  • Select the input folder name for migration and mail filter by date options.
  • Click on “Connect & Import” and move emails from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace.

Transferring data from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace is now a necessity for many users. Most of them want to transfer their old emails from Lotus Notes configured email profiles. The best available solutions that will help users do this are the ones we have shown in this article. Take the help of the Lotus Notes to Gmail migration tool and securely transfer your Lotus Notes emails to Google Workspace.

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