Are you using TELUS Webmail email service but are now trying to switch to Gmail? Do you want to also transfer previous emails from TELUS Mail when changing email services? If yes, find the best solution here. This article will guide you on “How to Migrate/Import TELUS Email to Gmail?“. So, Let’s start.

TELUS is Canada’s most popular telecommunications company. One of the services provided by TELUS company is TELUS Webmail. Users who subscribe to any of TELUS’s services receive a free email account to handle email tasks.

An email account is usually a combination of a username and domain (for example, This email account users can access from any web browser with the TELUS webmail service (online).

When using this email account, in many cases users will need to switch to different email services like Gmail.

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Reasons why users want to shift emails from TELUS Webmail to Gmail: –

Moving email from TELUS Webmail to Gmail is beneficial for: –

  • Consolidation of Accounts: – Some users find it difficult to manage multiple email accounts. As a result, users prefer to merge email account data to manage all emails from one email account. For this reason, users prefer to import TELUS emails to Gmail.
  • Integration with Google Services: – Along with Gmail account, users also get access to integration with other Google services like Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. By switching or moving TELUS email to Gmail, users can take advantage of these additional tools and enhance their work experience.
  • External Email Backup: – Users can take backup of their important emails by moving their TELUS account email to Gmail. This email backup helps users access or recover their emails in situations where they are unable to access their TELUS account.

User Query

For the last 2 years, I have been using TELUS brand internet service. I also got a free email account to use the TELUS webmail service. I have used this TELUS email account for both my business and personal use. Recently, I purchased a Google Workspace (Business) plan. Now I want to transfer my emails from TELUS Mail to Google Workspace that are relevant to my business to access with Gmail. Can you help me do this?

Smart Way to Directly Migrate/Import TELUS Email to Gmail

Transferring emails from one email platform to another is a common process nowadays that many individuals want to do. If a user wants to import TELUS emails directly to Gmail then the best available option is eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.

It is an automated program specifically designed to perform this task with complete security. All it requires is an Internet connection and your email account and the email migration is done automatically. Apart from this, it provides many smart functions like- mail folder selection, date-based email filter, email local backup and much more.

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How to Transfer Emails from TELUS Webmail to Gmail account?

Apply the given steps to migrate TELUS webmail emails to Gmail account: –

  • Download & launch is Windows-based IMAP Backup/Migration software by eSoftTools.
  • Choose any of these available account-adding options: – IMAP Server, Webmail, or “any other server email account”.
  • Enter your TELUS webmail email account login credentials: –
    • Email Address: – Your TELUS account’s email address (e.g.,
    • Password: – Provide the password associated with your TELUS email account.
    • Host: – enter the hostname “”.
    • Port: – 993 (if doesn’t work then type and use “143”).
  • After adding all the needed account details, hit the Login button.
  • Load mail folders from the TELUS account into the software and choose the needed folders.
  • Click the Import to Cloud button, select the Import to Gmail option and hit Next.
  • Select any one import option: – Import to Gmail (individual) or Import to G-Suite (for Google Workspace business).
  • Enter the email address and Google app password of the Gmail account and press the Authentication login button.
  • After a successful Gmail account sign-in process, apply mail filter options (if necessary).
  • Lastly, hit on the Import to Gmail account button and begin the TELUS Webmail to Gmail email migration.


Many business owners also want to merge email account data and individuals want to switch email services, in such scenarios, users may need to migrate Telus email to Gmail. Users can try the method shown above to complete this email migration task safely. With eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software, users will get guaranteed results without facing any kind of error. Test all its capabilities by using its free demo version right now.

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