Are you one of those users who searching for a method to import email from different IMAP mail apps to Yandex Mail? If yes, then you can find out your solution through this article. Here we will show you a quick method to migrate IMAP email to Yandex Mail account.

IMAP (internet message access protocol) is the technology that every cloud/webmail app uses for emailing. From the cloud server, IMAP mail apps perform the emailing process. Without downloading emails from can access IMAP emails directly in their web browsers.

Some of the most well-known IMAP mail apps are- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail, Office365,, and others.

Yandex Mail is a popular cloud mail app which is provided by the Russian company Yandex. This is the primary mail application that every Russian person uses for emailing. It is a free mailing service that provides several advanced features for performing emailing tasks with ease and safety.

Because of the advanced functions of the Yandex Mail service, many users are thinking to switch to this service from their different IMAP mail apps.

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Advanced method to Migrate IMAP to Yandex Mail account

Users can directly move mail folders from IMAP mail account to Yandex Mail with the aid of eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration Software. This is a professional program that will straight-forwardly export IMAP mail folders with a simple process.

Through this tool, users can securely export mail from selective single or multiple mail folders of IMAP accounts. It can migrate IMAP email to Yandex Mail with attachments and other relevant information like- TO, From, BCC, CC, Subject, Message Body, and other information.

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How to export IMAP mail folders to Yandex Mail with IMAP migration tool?

To perform the IMAP mail folder to Yandex mail export process apply the steps given below: –

  • Download, Install, and launch eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.
  • Choose your IMAP mail apps from the available list of email applications.
  • Enter your IMAP account email address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Press the Login button and load all mailbox folders of your IMAP account.
  • Make a selection of required IMAP account mail folders and hit on “Import to Cloud”.
  • Select “Import to IMAP account” from the cloud import option and click on Next.
  • Enter the Yandex Mail account email address, third-party app password, and hostname.
  • Apply the mail filter and folder input settings and press the Convert button.

By applying these simple steps begin the process to migrate IMAP email to Yandex Mail and get the best results.

Smart functions of eSoftTools IMAP Email to Yandex Mail Migration software

  • Smoothly migrate emails from any IMAP mail account to Yahoo mail.
  • Migrate specific/chosen folders from a complete IMAP account mailbox.
  • Export IMAP account emails with all of their associated attachments.
  • Perform IMAP email migration with all email info like- TO, BCC, CC, Subject, Message Body, etc.
  • Supports transferring emails of a specific date range from IMAP accounts mail folders.
  • Get the ability to migrate emails from all IMAP-based mail apps including- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail,, Office365, and others.
  • On all editions of Windows users can easily access this software including – Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below editions.
  • Free of cost migrate up to 20 emails from each mail folder of the IMAP mail account with a demo edition of IMAP to Yandex Mail migration tool.


A huge number of users want to migrate emails from their different IMAP-based mail apps to Yandex Mail. The best solution which can assist users in doing this job we have described in this article. For a quick IMAP to Yandex Mail migration, users can try this method and get immediate results through eSoftTools IMAP to Yandex Mail migrator.

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