Want to switch from Thunderbird Desktop to Outlook.com/Outlook Web? For doing this job in an easy manner we have written this article. Here we explain the easiest method to directly Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook.com/Outlook Web Access.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the applications that users use for emailing process. Thunderbird also offers its users to save their profile data locally as a backup. But by saving data locally with the desktop-based application (Thunderbird), users face different problems.

As a result, some users prefer switching from Thunderbird to web-based email clients. Outlook.com is one of the best web email applications that are available for free on the internet. Microsoft has launched this application, for this reason, many users want to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook.com

Before we explain the method to do this task, first check some major benefits of migration from Thunderbird to Outlook.com.

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Benefits of Thunderbird to Outlook.com Migration

  • Users get the facility to free up space from their local drive by exporting their Thunderbird mails to Outlook.com profile.
  • With an Outlook.com account, users can access from different machines at a particular time to view their emails. On another hand, the Thunderbird profile is accessible from a single computer.

Direct Solution to Migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook.com

Users can perform a migration by applying some simple steps. The program is available for users to easily do the migration job eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter Software. It will allow users to securely migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook.com with a smart process.

For migration, it only needs Thunderbird mail files and Outlook.com account credentials. It will complete the migration without any additional application requirements. Also, the software comes with several additional features to make the migration process more reliable.

Steps to Migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook.com Using Thunderbird Converter:-

Download and Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter to your computer and follow the steps shown below:-

  • Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter Software to a windows based computer.
thunderbird converter
  • After opening the software, firstly click the Add File/Folder button.
  • For importing thunderbird mail files into the software select the required options:-
    • Select MBOX File:- Select/Add a single Thunderbird Mail file (MBOX, MSF, etc.)
    • Select MBOX Folder:- Select a folder containing several Thunderbird mail files and all files in the software at once.
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird profile:- Automatically select and load all Thunderbird profiles mailbox files/folders from their default location.
Thunderbird MBOX File Folder Selection
  • After importing thunderbird mail files inside the software, click the Next button.
  • Extract all mail folders Preview the email with attachments and choose the needed folders.
convert thunderbird mailboxes
  • After this press the Import to Cloud button and select the Import to Outlook.com option.
convert thunderbird to yahoo
  • Input your Outlook.com account email ID and Password and select other required settings.
  • Use the mail filter option & click on Convert to start Thunderbird to Outlook.com migration.

In a very short time, the software will move entire mail folders and items of Thunderbird profile to the Outlook account.

Top Features of Thunderbird to Outlook.com Migrator

  • Supports performing direct Thunderbird to Outlook.com migration.
  • Export multiple Thunderbird Mail folders to Outlook.com account in a single process
  • Doesn’t requires any additional software for performing the migration.
  • Shows a live preview of all Thunderbird emails with attachments before migration.
  • Comes with a Mail filter option to export Thunderbird emails of selective dates.
  • Offers users to Export selective folders from Thunderbird profiles.
  • Works on all lower to upper editions of Windows OS (Up to Windows 11).
  • A Demo edition of Thunderbird Converter is also available to transfer up to 25 emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.com for free


While using Thunderbird in several situations users think in their mind to switch to web-based applications like- Outlook.com. To help all those users we have described the best techniques for migrating Thunderbird emails to Outlook.com. Every beginner to expert user can use the Thunderbird converter for migration. Try the method shown above to easily migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook.com.

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