Several Windows users are nowadays moving to Mac machines. As a result of this, some users also want to switch from their previous Thunderbird to Apple Mail client. If you are a user who wants to do this task, then this blog is for you. Here we will provide the best answer for the query “How to Migrate from Thunderbird to Apple Mail?”

The Mozilla Corporation has offered a free email client known as Mozilla Thunderbird. Most users prefer using this application for emailing from their windows based computer. To perform the emailing task it has several advanced features and an easily understandable graphical interface. All kinds of users can access this software without any problem.

However, several Thunderbird users require the best alternatives to this application. Apple Mail is one of the best alternatives to Thunderbird applications. On macOS, based machines users get this Apple Mail client by default for emailing.

As a result, while migration from windows to Mac machine users’ also needs to migrate from Thunderbird to Apple Mail. Before moving to the process of migration, first, check the below-mentioned user’s query to understand the situation.

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User query

For the last 2 years, I am using the Mozilla Thunderbird application to manage my email profile. Recently I have purchased a new Mac machine. Now I want to start using the Apple Mail client application and also I want to migrate from Thunderbird to Apple Mail. Can anyone help me?

Best Solution to Migrate from Thunderbird to Apple Mail Client

Directly importing or accessing thunderbird Mail files/folders in Apple Mail is not possible. First users have to convert Thunderbird Mail files to Apple Mail compatible EMLX files.

Users can do this task easily with eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter tool. It is the finest solution to convert Thunderbird emails to EMLX files for Apple Mail. It will securely convert Thunderbird emails with attachments to EMLX files.


How to Migrate from Thunderbird to Apple Mail Client?

For Thunderbird to Apple Mail migration users just have to follow the two steps mentioned below:-

Step 1:- Convert Thunderbird Mail files to EMLX

  • Download & Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter tool on a windows computer.
  • Press the Add File/Folder button from the first screen of the software.
First screen of Thunderbird to Outlook Converter
  • Next, select an option to add/load Thunderbird mail files/folders from the provided options
    • Select File:- Select a single Thunderbird mail (MSF/MBOX) files manually.
    • Select Folder:- Select a thunderbird mail folder manually
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird profile:- Auto detect thunderbird profile and load all mail folders
Thunderbird Mbox Converter
  • Add Thunderbird mail files/folders in the software and get a preview of all emails.
Thunderbird Mailbox Conversion
  • Choose needed or entire thunderbird mail folders & hit the Convert button from the top menu.
  • Next, from the conversion options list select the EMLX format option.
  • Select Mail filtering option and choose a destination path to save the resultant files.
  • In the last step, click on Convert to start the Thunderbird to EMLX file conversion task
Export Thunderbird to PST

After the process completion, users will get their resulted EMLX files to their selected location. For the next step, simply move all the resulted EMLX files to your Mac machine.

Step 2:- Import EMLX files to Apple Mail client

  • Open the Apple Mail client on your mac machine.
  • In your Apple Mail profile create a new folder.
  • On your newly created folder, simply Drag & Drop all your EMLX files (Generated from the Thunderbird converter).

Prominent Features of Thunderbird to EMLX Converter Software

  • Saves Thunderbird emails with attachments to separate EMLX files.
  • Offers to make a selection of Thunderbird Mail files/folders manually.
  • Auto-detects location of Thunderbird profile mail folders for conversion
  • Supports converting multiple Thunderbird mail files in a single process
  • Saves Thunderbird emails to new EMLX files with all email attributes like- from, to, bcc, cc, size, subject, message body, etc.
  • Allow users to save resultant EMLX files to their specified location.


After switching from Windows to Mac machine, Thunderbird to Apple Mail migration becomes necessary for some users. By using the method shown above users can easily do this task in a secure manner. Now, use the eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter tool & follow the above-mentioned steps to directly migrate from Thunderbird to Apple Mail.


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