Nowadays many people want to shift email from Ziggo Mail to Gmail account. If you are one of them then this article is for you. Here we will explain the simplest way to migrate emails from Ziggo Mail to Gmail. Let’s start…

Ziggo is a popular cable operator brand based in the Netherlands. It provides services like the Internet, cable television, telephony and much more. Every user who uses any of Ziggo’s services also gets access to Ziggo Mail.

Ziggo Mail is a web-based emailing program that lets Ziggo customers share emails. To use this emailing service users, get a separate email account whose email address ends with the domain.

All the features and functions a user would expect from a web-based email program are available in Ziggo Mail. However, due to various reasons, some people need to move from Ziggo Mail to another email program like Gmail.

In that scenario, users may need a medium to transfer emails from Ziggo Mail to Gmail. Before talking about the method, let us look at the reasons behind migration.

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Why Transfer Ziggo Mail Emails to Gmail?

  • Joining Email accounts data: – Using and managing multiple email accounts is difficult for some users. Those users prefer to delete the unwanted email account and transfer its data to their primary email account. This is also the reason for transferring from Ziggo Mail to Gmail.
  • External Backup of emails: – For security reasons and to reduce the possibility of accidental email data loss, users prefer to create a backup of Ziggo Mail emails by moving their copy to a Gmail account.
  • Switching to Gmail program: – Gmail has more excellent features and user trust than Ziggo Mail. As a result, users want to switch from Ziggo Mail to Gmail and need a solution to migrate emails.

User Query

I have both Ziggo Mail and Gmail email accounts. But mainly I am using Gmail to send and receive emails. So, I have decided to close my Ziggo Mail account and merge its data with my current Gmail account. Is there any solution available to accomplish this task? If yes then please provide.

Solution to Migrate emails from Ziggo Mail to Gmail

Migration is simple, users just need to take the help of the best available solution called eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration Software. It is a program specifically designed to reduce users’ efforts for Ziggo Mail email to Gmail migration.

This will securely export mail folders from the Ziggo Mail account to the user’s Gmail profile. Provides the facility to select specific or entire Ziggo Mail folders for the export process. Help migrate every email with original content with zero changes. Moreover, it offers mail folder input, date-wise mail filtering and many other smart functions.

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How to shift Ziggo Mail emails to Gmail account with IMAP Migrator?

Before proceeding with the migration steps, first of all, download the IMAP Backup and Migration tool and install it on your Windows computer. After installation, apply these mentioned steps: –

  • Launch the software and choose IMAP account adding option: – IMAP server, WebMail, or any other server email account.
  • Add your Ziggo Mail account’s login details: –
    • Email address: – Input Ziggo Mail email address. (
    • Password: – enter the password of Ziggo Email account.
    • Host: –
    • Port: – 993
  • Hit on the login button and sign in to your Ziggo Mail account.
  • Get the list of the available Ziggo Mail account’s mail folders.
  • Choose the necessary folder and hit the Import to Cloud button.
  • Select the option Import into Gmail and hit on Next.
  • Add the Gmail account’s email address and third-party app password.
  • Click the Authenticate Login button to establish the connection with your Gmail account.
  • Select the mail filter function if you want to export emails of a selected date range.
  • Click on the Import to Gmail Account button and migrate from Ziggo Mail to Gmail.


Ziggo Mail to Gmail migration is one of the tasks that a large number of users want to do nowadays. In this article, we have explained a simple process to do so and get instant results. The above method is an error-free and fast method to transfer Ziggo Mail emails to Gmail. Try it with the demo version to test all the capabilities of the software.

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