How To Migrate Apple Mail To Office 365?

At many times users come in a situation where they need to switch/migrate from Apple Mail to Office 365? if you are one of those people who want to do this task, then this blog can help you. Here we are going to describe the complete process “How To Migrate Apple Mail To Office 365 Cloud?”. Simply read the blog and apply the mentioned steps to easily move apple mail account data to Office 365.

Most macOS-based computer users, prefer using Apple Mail email client. This is a desktop-based email client and is available for free for all MAC users. But nowadays users are switching from Desktop-based to cloud applications. The reason is cloud applications are more reliable, easy to use, and provides more security features to users. Microsoft Office 365 suite is one of those cloud applications which is available in the market. Similar to MS Office suite, Office 365 comes with multiple applications in it. It allows users to do multiple tasks like- using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook applications from the cloud server. Yes, Office 365 also provides cloud emailing features that’s why users prefer switching AppleMail to Office 365 web application.

Now the question is how a user can perform this process of migration? We will find the answer in this blog. Before that let’s check some major benefits of switching from Apple Mail to Office 365.

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Benefits of switching from Apple Mail to office 365

  • Applemail email client is only workable in macos based devices. On the other hand, using Office 365 cloud user can perform emailing task from a web browser of any O/S.
  • Managing data is more easier in Office 365 becase its provides a large storage space on cloud. But Apple Mail is a desktop-based client and saves users data locally on system’s drive.
  • Through Applemail user can access or share emails from a single device. But with Outlook/Office 365 users gets the ability easily access data from multiple devices at a single time.

How to Migrate Apple Mail To Office 365/Outlook 365 Cloud ?

If you are thinking to directly migrate from AppleMail desktop to Office 365 you might face problems. The reason is Apple Mail uses MBOX format to save user’s mailboxes locally. Office 365 doesn’t provide any direct option to import MBOX files. That’s why Experts prefers automated tool to do the process of Apple Mail to Office 365 migration. With an automated MBOX Converter users can directly export Apple Mail MBOX to Office 365 in simple steps. The user just need to apply these two simple steps to complete the migration process:-

  • Export MBOX from Apple Mail
  • Import MBOX to Office 365 acount

Step 1:- Export MBOX files from Apple Mail client

  1. launch AppleMail application on your MAC PC.
  2. From the top Menubar click on Mailbox option.
  3. Next from the drop-down list choose Export mailbox option.
  4. Select a location to save Apple Mail mailboxes as MBOX format.
  5. After the Export process simply transfer or move the resultant MBOX file to windows based computer.

Step 2:- Import MBOX to Office 365 Account using Automated eSoftTools MBOX Converter

Note:- For procedding with migration steps user first need to Download eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software. After downloading process, install this software to your windows based computer then apply the below mentioned steps.


  • Launch MBOX Converter/Migration tool in your machine.
MBOX Converter
  • Press the Add File/Folder button from the first screen of the tool for MBOX file or folder selection.
  • A new window will open by the software with different file selection options like:-
    • Select MBOX file:- To select a single MBOX file for export process.
    • Select MBOX Folder:- For making folder selection containing MBOX files to Export them in bulk.
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile:- To automatically load all thunderbird profile mailboxes.
MBOX File/folder selection
  • Choose a rquired option for file selection to add Apple Mail MBOX files in the software then hit on Next.
  • Software will load the entire folders and elements from MBOX files show you them in the preview panel.
View MBOX file emails
  • Select the required MBOX folders and press the “Import to Cloud” button from the top menu.
Import MBOX to Office365
  • From the list of cloud options select Import to Office 365 option.
  • Now enter your Office 365 account Email ID and Password the click on Convert to start the process of migration.
Import MBOX to Office365

After completion, users will get the entire mailbox items of Apple Mail in their Office 365 account.

Advanced Features of eSoftTools MBOX converter Software

  • Provides the facility to directly Import MBOX files to Office 365 and other cloud options like- Gmail, and YahooMail.
  • Export data from MBOX files to desired file types and provided cloud otion in bulk.
  • Offer a preview panel to check inner elements of MBOX file and make selection of required MBOX folder for migration.
  • Comes with a Mail Filter option to select emails of only required dates to export them with much faster speed.
  • Works with MBOX file of all supported email clients like- AppleMail, Google takeout, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc
  • Workable in all edition of windows including- Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older versions.
  • Demo version is available to Export upto 25 emails from MBOX to each conversion and cloud option for free.


Many users needs to do the migration process from desktop based email client like- Apple mail to Office 365 cloud. But this become difficult when a user searchs for a direct method. Apple mail saves user data in MBOX files and Office 365 doesn’t offers to import these files directly. In this case the only solution that can help users is eSoftTools MBOX Converter Tool. This software provides facility to directly transfer all data from MBOX files to Office 365. To know more about this tool download and use its demo version for free.


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