Want to merge several vCard files into one file? Are you searching for an easy solution to accomplish this task efficiently? If yes, then this blog post can be a place where you can find your answer. Read this article till the end to know How to Combine/Merge multiple vCard (VCF) files into one?

There are several users, who prefer saving their business and personal contacts digitally. The vCard/VCF files are one of the mediums that helps users in doing this task.

VCard/VCF files support preserving important contacts of users with complete information on their digital devices with safety and ease. Users can easily save a single or several contacts inside vCard/VCF files with information like- the contact’s first name, last name, email address, phone number, business address home address, etc.

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Why do users Need to Merge vCard files?

vCard files merging process helps users in several cases, some of the main reasons we have mentioned below:-

  • To save contacts and manage all contacts from a single file or location.
  • Moving or transferring contacts from several VCF files is a difficult and time taking process. Due to this reason, some users prefer to combine multiple vCard into a single file.

Smart Solution to Merge Multiple vCard (VCF) files into One

Manually merging or combining several vCard files into single VCF files is difficult. So, the recommendation for accomplishing this task is to use an automated tool.

The best available option for users to merge vCard files is the software called eSoftTools vCard Merge Tool. With vCard Merging tool all types of users can easily merge unlimited vCard files into a single with all contacts information

Using this tool users will also get different advanced features to make the vCard file merging process much more reliable and quicker.


How to merge vCard/VCF files Using eSoftTools vCard Merging Tool?

  • Download vCard File Merging Tool and open it on your computer.
  • From the first screen, select “Merge vCard” radio button and click on Next.
vCard Merger
  • Next, choose a required option for vCard file selection and importing:-
    • Select Multiple VCF files:- Import VCF files selectively from different locations one by one.
    • Select Folder having multiple VCF files:- Choose the folder containing several VCF files and import all files at one time.
Select VCF file/folder
  • Choose VCF files or folders and Import needed vCard files in the software.
vCard preview
  • Next, click the Browse button to select a destination path for saving merged files.
Save Merged file
  • Finally, hit the Merge vCard button to start the process of merging vCard/VCF files.
vCard Merged

The software will instantly combine all vCard files into one file. After completion of the vCard file merging process, the software will show a window with a process completion message. Simply close the window and easily access your merged vCard file with any supported application.

Smart Features of eSoftTools vCard Merger Tool:-

  • Combine/Merge several vCard files into one file in simple clicks.
  • Select folders containing several vCard files in the software to merge them at one time.
  • Select and Import vCard files in the software one by one for the merging process.
  • Preserve/save output files after merging process to the desired location.
  • Also, offers users the to Convert and Split vCard VCF files.
  • Merge vCard/VCF files created of all supported applications.
  • Works in all editions of Windows (including the latest windows 11)


Many people want to merge vCard files into single files, but by performing this task manually users may face several difficulties. As a result, we have written this blog post to solve the user’s problem. Now simply use the vCard Merging tool and follow the steps shown above to easily merge multiple vCard files into one file easily. Download and try its demo edition now.

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