How to Import Emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird?

Summary:- Since Windows Live Mail is an old email client, most users want to import their data from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. That is why they are curious about the conversion process. To assist them in this case we have written this article. This blog post will show you how to safely import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird 78.0, 68.0, and 60.0 Series.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail (WLM) is a freeware email client that is no longer available. For different purposes, some users still using Windows Live Mail. However, many Windows Live Mail users are planning to migrate from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird desktop-based email client is a free application that assists users in sending and receiving emails as well as handling contacts, schedules, and tasks. Thunderbird also allows users to access several email accounts at the same time. This is a major benefit of the Thunderbird program, which enables users to control multiple accounts from a single location. That why most Windows Live Mail users prefer Mozilla thunderbird.

How to Import Emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird?

So, in the following segment, we’ll go through the strategies for exporting your Windows Live Mail emails to Thunderbird. To begin, go through the following method, which will help you understand how to effectively import Windows Live Mail emails into Thunderbird.

Windows Live Mail stores entire emails in .eml files, and Thunderbird allows importing .mbox files. As a consequence of this difference, you must first complete the following two steps:-

  1. Convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX file format
  2. Import MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1:- Convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX

The manual process does not always operate correctly. As a result, we’ve invented a simple method for efficiently converting Windows Live Mail to MBOX known as eSoftTools Windows Live Mail to MBOX Converter. It is an option for the user to easily and rapidly import emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird MBOX. Even an inexperienced user can perform the export procedure without expert assistance.

Easy steps to Convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX

windows live mail converter
  • Click on the Select WLM Mailbox button from the first screen of the software. After this, it will open a new window with two options to select WLM mails location.
    1) Auto-Detect Location:- To automatically detect and load all Live Mail mailboxes and email items.
    2) Select Manual location:- To manually select windows live mail email folders.
    Choose any one option and press the Next button.
windows live mail profile converter
  • Now, choose the required Windows Mail folders from the preview panel of software and hit on the Convert Mailbox button.
windows live mail converter
  • Select the MBOX file type from the conversion options and choose the destination path to store resulted file and click on Convert button.
convert windows live mail to outlook
  • After this, the software will move all your email items of Windows Live Mail in MBOX format.
convert windows live mail to outlook

Step 2:- Import Converted MBOX into Thunderbird.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the Tools from the menu bar.
  • Select “ImportExportTools” from the drop-down list and click on “import MBOX file“.
  • Choose the “Import directly one or more MBOX files.” option and click on OK
  • Then select the MBOX file which is created with Live Mail Converter.

After just applying these simple steps you will see that all your Live Mail emails now in Thunderbird desktop.


Several users want to migrate from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. As a result, the blog has discussed the most straightforward and error-free method for doing so. With the aforementioned process, a user can perform the import procedure without having to deal with any data changes.

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