How can I Import IMAP OST File account data into Microsoft Outlook 2016?

If you are a businessman and working for your company with the old version of MS Outlook. Then you must know that it requires a good understanding of “how you can move data from IMAP OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016”.

As you must be aware of this fact that it is really difficult to import IMAP account data through OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016. However in this blog you will be able to get the best solution to done this task with perfection.

Of course, it is a process that requires crucial procedures to follow & the right guidance. So, if you wish to get the best solution as per your requirement goes through the whole process that we would be telling you.

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Method 1:- Manually Convert IMAP OST file to PST Outlook 2016

Method 2:- Automated Method to Convert IMAP OST to PST Outlook 2016

Reasons behind converting IMAP OST into Microsoft Outlook 2016

There occur multiple reasons of why it is necessary to make the conversion of IMAP account data from OST into Microsoft 2016.

  • The reasons can be an accidental deletion or else any migration that enables to recover important data items of the email over the server in an easy manner.
  • Also, there can be a possibility that the exchange server can get crashed due to software failures. Virus attacks or else internet issues or any other problem.
  • The reason can be due to the user’s requirement of changing the location or else they wish to switch to another platform, then it is necessary to convert OST File to Outlook PST File(MS Outlook 2016).
  • If the user wishes to create stable maintenance & if they are unable to access the mailbox then it is important to transfer OST Files & ensure the import to Outlook 2016.

So, in order to fix all the above-mentioned errors, there is an important requirement of importing IMAP accounts data from OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016.


There are two methods available of importing IMAP accounts data from OST File into Microsoft Outlook are Manual Solution and Third-Party Solution. Firstly, let’s discuss the Manual Solution that maximum of the people prefer since it is free of cost and easy to use.


  1. Firstly, Make sure that you copy your old IMAP OST File data to a new.PST File and move this new PST File to your new Windows PC.
  2. If your file is too large then here at the right place, the organization makes small PST Files so that there may not be any error in converting the files.
  3. Now in Outlook 2016, make the best use of the Import/Export option so as to open the new PST File with MS Outlook 2016.

  4. Now, you have to select Import from another program and file action & then click next.

  5. Make sure that you select Outlook data file & file type & click next.

  6. Moving further, Browse your folder & find & select the.PST file so as to import and then click next.

  7. Lastly, you require clicking on the finish button so as to import the PST File data.

However, in Manual Solution, your data is not at all secured & it is a time-consuming process wherein there is no security that the data will get converted easily from OST File to Microsoft Outlook. It includes a lot of risk for your data.

The second method is Third Party Solution that includes a third party along with the expense of easily converting your IMAP accounts data from OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016. This method is far better than the manual method wherein your data is secured and it is effectively helping to save your life.

Automated Method:- Import IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 with safety?

The computer’s storage includes saving every email through your IMAP account in Outlook 2016. The Third-Party Solution is safer to use than many other methods. It ensures quality safety along with saving your time & converting the data in an easy manner.

So, regardless of spending money upon this method you however get the benefit of the conversion of IMAP OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016. With the help of Third Party Solution, you can easily make the conversion of your file in a safe manner.


eSoftTools provides the best solution for the conversion of OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016. So, if you wish to Import an IMAP account from OST File into Microsoft Outlook 2016 then go to download page of eSoftTools OST to PST Converter Software. It will offer you the power to perform the OST file conversion task automatically.

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