Are you a user who is searching for a method to migrate IMAP emails to Webmail apps like- Roundcube or Horde Webmail? If yes, then get your answer through this article. Here we will show you the method to migrate/import IMAP Email into Webmail easily.

IMAP is the technology that works behind the web/cloud mail apps for sharing or accessing emails. All cloud mail apps are using IMAP protocol and provide the facility to access email profiles directly from web browsers.

Webmail apps (like- Roundcube and Horde webmail) are also based on IMAP protocol, but they are different from other cloud mail apps. These webmail apps users get on their hosting servers. These apps enable users to manage their business mail accounts.

Several users want to export data from different cloud mail apps to these Webmail apps. There can be several reasons behind this: Taking email Backup, saving emails of different email profiles to a single location, and more.

But because of incomplete knowledge users faces different problems in moving IMAP emails to webmail.

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An automated method to Migrate IMAP Email into Webmail

Users can directly move emails from any IMAP-based mail app to webmail with eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software. This advanced utility will make users able to export IMAP accounts’ mail folders to Roundcube and Horde Webmail accounts.

It can easily export specific IMAP account mail folders of IMAP accounts without difficulty. Perform the IMAP email migration with attachments and all other related data from IMAP accounts. With this single tool, migrate emails from any IMAP mail app and get instant results for migration.

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How to Import IMAP Email into Webmail with IMAP migration tool?

To transfer emails from IMAP mail apps to Webmail account, follow the instructions shown below: –

  • Download, install, and launch eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.
  • Select your mail app from the available list of IMAP mail apps/servers.
  • Provide the IMAP account’s hostname, password, port, and email address.
  • Click on Login, and begin the process of loading all IMAP account’s mail folders.
  • Select the required mail folders, then click the Import to Cloud button.
  • Choose the Import to IMAP account option and click the Next button.
  • Input your Webmail account hostname, password, port, and email address.
  • Apply the mail filter option and apply other necessary settings, then click the Convert button.

By following these simple steps migrate emails from any IMAP-based mail app to Webmail account and get instant results with 100% accuracy.

eSoftTools IMAP to Webmail Migration Software’s Key Features

  • Transfer emails from IMAP-based mail apps to Roundcube and Horde Webmail app.
  • Emails export simultaneously from one or more IMAP account mail folders at one time.
  • Export IMAP emails along with all attachments and other linked information.
  • Transfer emails along with their header and metadata, including- To, From, BCC, CC, Subject, Message Body, etc.
  • Export emails from all IMAP mail clients, including- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365,, and others.
  • Provides a simple and easy graphical user interface to execute the migration with less effort.
  • Works with every Windows OS edition, including versions- 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others.


Many people desire to switch from their current IMAP mail clients to Webmail (Roundcube Horde Webmail) because of numerous reasons. In this article, we’ve demonstrated the ideal technique to complete this task. The above-mentioned procedure users can use to migrate IMAP emails to Webmail apps without experiencing any issues. The free demo edition of this IMAP migration tool is currently available for users. Try it for checking all software functions for free.

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