Want to unprotect excel sheets without a password? If you are searching for the best methods to do this job, then your solution is in this article. Through this write-up, we will describe the complete steps to unlock Excel Sheet without password. Let’s start.

MS Excel is an application that comes with MS Office suite. With the MS Excel application users get the power to create spreadsheets to preserve their important information. Excel files allow users to perform multiple tasks, such as content managing, storing different information, saving employees’ work reports, etc.

Users use Excel files to organize and format data in rows and columns. While saving data in Excel files, several users also require to secure their data from unauthorized access and modification. For this purpose, MS Excel enables users to protect their files with passwords.

Easily users can protect an Excel sheet with their desired passwords. But in some cases, users forget their excel sheet password and becomes unable to recall it. At that time, users require a solution to unlock Excel sheets without a password.

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Best Solution to Unlock Excel Sheet without Password

To unlock excel sheet the only solution is performing Excel password recovery. With the aid of an automated tool called eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery tool users can do it with ease.

This Excel Unlocker tool is able to recover forgotten Excel file passwords. With an easy process, it performs excel file password recovery and provides 100% accurate results.

Making quick recovery of excel passwords, with this tool users will become able to unlock Excel files easily.

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How to Unprotect/Unlock Excel files Using Excel Unlocker Tool?

Download and install eSoftTools Excel Unlocker Software on windows-based computers. After that, apply the steps shown below to unlock Excel sheet without Password.

Step 1: – Recover Forgotten Excel File Password

  • Launch the eSoftTools Excel Unlocker Software to your computer.
  • Next, select the “Excel” option from the first screen and click on “Next”.
  • Add your password-protected Excel file by clicking on “Open” button.
  • Now choose a password recovery strategy from provided options: –
    • Brute Force Attack: – Recover lost password by searching from all character combinations.
    • Mask/ Known/ Part Attack: – Allow users to put known password characters and recover only unknown characters rapidly.
    • Dictionary Attack: – Recover the password of English words (like- Bat, ball, apple, etc) from the inbuilt dictionary file of the software.
  • Select and apply needed settings with password recovery strategies. (Character selection, dictionary file customization, & inputting known password characters)
  • Finally, click on Recover button and start Excel Password Recovery process.

Through the software recover the forgotten Excel file password and follow the next step mentioned below to unlock excel files.

Step 2: – Unprotect/Unlock Excel Sheet

  • Open your Excel file in MS Excel application.
  • Enter your recovered password and click on “OK
  • Next, move to “File >> Info >> Protect >> Unprotect Sheet”, or move to “Review tab >> Unprotect Sheet”.
  • Unprotect Excel Sheet and click on “OK”.

Advanced Features of Excel Password Recovery/Unlocker Software

  • Quickly Unlock Excel files by recovering lost or forgotten passwords.
  • Recover passwords of all Excel file types like- XLSX, XLS, XLTM, XLSB, and other extensions.
  • Recover password different recovery strategies- “Brute Force, Mask Attack, & dictionary attack”.
  • Perform Excel password recovery without losing inner information from Excel files.
  • Recover password of all character combinations: – Numeric, Symbolic, Alphabetic, etc.
  • Work in all editions of window editions including- win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • The Demo edition is available to recover the first 3 characters of the excel password free of cost.


Users encrypt their Excel files with a password, but several times users forget that password. At that time users become unable to access their Excel files. For helping users in that scenario, we have written this article. By following the above-mentioned method users can Unlock Excel Sheet without Password and regain access to their important data with ease.

To get quick knowledge about the working process and function of the Excel password software, get its free demo edition now.

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