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Using Microsoft Outlook with a “POP3 account”, but facing any corruption problem in PST files? If this is the case you can get a solution here. In this article, we’ll teach you how to Repair POP3 PST files in Outlook 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003 and other editions.

MS Outlook is the mail client that provides the facility of configuring accounts with multiple settings like- POP3/IMAP/ Exchange. When a user configures his account using POP3 settings, Outlook creates a PST file to store all data of the user profile in the user’s local machine.

Data file PST in Outlook is beneficial for saving users as a backup and also accessing data locally. But for a variety of reasons, a corruption error can also come in this POP3 PST file of Outlook. When a corruption error comes in Outlook, it makes users unable to access their important data items from PST. So, it is necessary to fix Pop3 PST file to recover lost data from PST files.

Now, this guide will show you the complete steps on How to Fix PST file of a POP3 account in MS Outlook. Continue reading! to get complete details.

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Reasons For Corruption in POP3 PST files of Outlook

A corruption error can come in Outlook PST for a variety of sources; however, the POP3 PST files use users local storage, the more chances of corruption is due to system faults.

The following are some of the main cases where users can get corruption in POP3 PST files:-

  • Increasing size problem in PST file can make the inaccessible it inaccessible or corrupt.
  • Infection of virus in users machine or Outlook application.
  • Unexpected termination of Outlook or users machine.

The above mentioned and various other reasons can obtain corruption in Outlook POP3 PST Files.

Method 1:- Manually Repair POP3 PST files using ScanPST Tool

Follow the steps below to repair corrupt POP3 account’s PST files in Outlook manually with ScanPST.exe tool:-

  • Search scanpst.exe tool and launch it in your computer.
  • Next, press the browse button and add your pop3 .pst files and press the start button.
  • The scanpst tool will now start the scanning process to check corruption errors from it.
  • If you will get any corrption causing problem, then simply click on Repair button.
  • After repair peocess completion you will a Repair Complete message.

Now, again try to open Outlook and try to access your Outlook POP3 profile.

Method 2:- Automated Method to Repair POP3 PST file of Outlook

If you are unable to repair POP3 PST files with ScanPST tool, the only solution which can help you is to use automated Outlook Recovery Software. Using the eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Software a user can smartly recover data from any type of PST file. Also, after the repairing or recovery process, you can also save the recovered items to new PST files. A user can easily access their POP3 account items in Outlook by importing the new PST files.


Steps to Recover/Repair POP3 PST files With Outlook Recovery Tool

  • Download and install eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Software to your machine.
  • Start the tool and click the Select PST button from the first screen.
Outlook Recover Tool first screen
  • Add your corrupt POP3 Outlook PST files by choosing “Select File” or “Search Outlook Mailbox.”
PST file selection
  • After file importing process click the start scanning button.
  • Start scanning process for resolving all PST file issues and extract all emails and other data from PST file.
Outlook folder and items preview
  • In the preview pane, you will see a preview of all mailbox folders and objects of your POP3 PST files.
  • Then, from the list of PST folder and items, select the required folder and click the Save PST button.
recover/export/Convert PST
  • Now from the list of conversion options, choose Export to PST.
  • Apply other setting such as a mail filter, and choose file save location.
  • Finally, click the Convert button to move data from corrupt POP3 account PST to a new functional PST file.

After the process completion, simply import the new PST file in Outlook to again access data and use POP3 account.


In this article, we described the techniques to repair POP3 PST files in Outlook using scanpst.exe, and automated software. If for any reason if you are unable to get your expected results with ScanPST utility, the recommendation is to go with the professional utility called eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Tool. This tool is a single solution to solve all problems related to PST files. This application also offers various other outstanding features. You can also try the demo edition of this tool to check all its functions.


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