How to Remove Attachments from EML files for Free?

Are you trying to remove attachments from EML files that contain useful data? but unable to do this manually.  Don’t be concerned!! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to remove attachments from the EML file step by step. It enables you to reduce the size of the EML file after removing attachments. For more details, read the entire article.

EML is a file extension that is for storing emails by a variety of email clients. Consequently, millions of emails are transferred and saved as EML files by users every day. As a result of the general use of electronic mail for sharing the email with attachments, it has become very popular. However, these attachment files sometimes become a hindrance to people’s work. Because saving attachments with email increase the file size.

For fixing attachment-related issues, an easy solution is to delete attachments from EML files. But how now the question is how to do it?


How to Remove Attachments from EML files for free?

Easily delete attachments from EML files with eSoftTools EML Attachment Remover Software, which features a user-friendly GUI interface for removing attachments. The software can Remove and also extract attachments from multiple EML files. The safest way to delete attachments from EML files of any size or form. It maintains the dignity and formatting of the mail when removing attachments.

Steps to Remove Attachments from EML Files

EML Attachment Remover
  • Click on Select EML Folder to add an EML folder containing multiple EML files in it.
  • Then, on the next program screen, press the Select EML folder button to load EML files and press on Next.
EML folder selection
  • On the left side of the screen, you can see all folders/subfolders you’ve added. In the preview panel section on the right, you will see the live preview of email item–
Preview EML folder & emails
  • Next, press the Remove Attachment & Save button. After this, a new window will now appear on your screen with multiple options.
Remove EML Attachment
  • Select the Saving Location to store the resulted files.
  • Choose anyone from the provided three options of attachment setting:-
    1) Remove all attachments from EML files:- Use this option to remove all types of attachments from EML files
    2) Remove attachments with specific file extension:- With this option remove EML attachments of a specific file extension.
    3) Extract all attachments:- Allows to extract attachments from EML file and save attachments to the desired folder.
  • In addition, the user can try the naming convention and mail filtering option to remove attachments from EML file by date range and save the resulted files with multiple file naming options.
Remove all attachments from emails EML
  • Press the Convert button and simply Remove attachments from EML files.


Up to this point, we’ve gone through the method of removing attachments from EML file step by step. Furthermore, we have discovered a program that is fast and dependable to remove attachments from EML files with multiple options. As a result, we recommend you make use of eSoftTools EML Attachment Remover Software. It is developed for Windows users and It works on all Windows versions, including- Windows 10. Try a free demo of this software and remove attachments from 15 EML files free of cost.

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