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What is 7zip?

7zip is a basic way to compress any big file to a short disk-space and thus saving space. By 7zip extension, you can easily compress heavy records in a small format and sometimes we are protecting our 7z file with password and if we are forgotten password from the mind so you can’t open 7zip archive but you don’t worry eSoftTools gives solution for that time 7zip password recovery software that is removed password from 7Z file.

Ways to recover password of the 7zip file

eSoftTools password recovery

Basically, to unlock any password-protected file of any type, you have to enter the right password of the file. This key was defined at the time of setting privacy and security parameters. But when you lost or forgot your password, you may get into trouble. And definitely, you would require that exact password as soon as possible.

  • Random trial method

The most common option is using a manual method in which the user can make all the probable combinations of all characters. These combinations can range to any number according to the length of the password. Randomly trying this method may be a good option if the security key is short. But if that key is long (which ought to be if the data is very crucial and confidential), then this way seems to be a waste of time and troublesome.

  • Using an automatic tool for 7zip password recovery

Considering the above situation, using any type of password recovery tool to open your file immediately can be an optimal solution. This tool should be smart enough to predict and crack the correct password of the file in a few minutes.

The most common suggestion according to the expert’s advice is to download the eSoftTools 7z password recovery tool. This is the easiest and time-saving way to recover the password of the file. With the help of this tool, you can easily get your file password with one mouse click. There are three distinct ways in which you can get your password accurately. These are the following methods: Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. Each way can return the password.

Different algorithms developed by eSoftTools

      1. Brute Force Attack

With Brute Force Attack, the tool can provide you the password you forget, even if its length is unknown. If your file password is in numerical or alphabetical form this tool gives you the same numbers or alphabets that you comprise the password.

      2. Mask Attack

With mask attack, it can provide the relevant keywords of your password and the tool gives you the exact password which you lost before. One can try this if he has some idea about the value of the key.

      3. Dictionary Attack

By Dictionary attack, you can get your password by the inbuilt dictionary file with various combinations including a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and others. The tool can provide your password if you made your password by any meaningful word or it is known.

Outstanding features of the eSoftTools 7z recovery tool:-

7z Password Unlocker Tool has been built to recover any type of 7zip file complex password. It can recover every password combination with alphanumeric, Numeric, Special characters, Symbols are recovered by this software

The second feature by the eSoftTools 7z recovery tool is that after the restoration of the password it can save it to the clipboard.

It is tested by multiple antivirus and online scanners. Therefore, this tool is 100% safe and secure software to download and install. So Without any problem, anyone can use it and recover your 7zip file password to unlock the file.

Three easy steps to unlock the password:

  • Download Official eSoftTools 7z Password recovery software from- https//
  • Select the 7zip File whose password has to be recover.
  • Start with the tool by selecting the method through which you want the restoration 


So if next time you got trouble with your 7zip file password you can choose the highest rated tool, named eSoftTools 7z password recovery software, and get your file’s password easily or immediately with the help of this tool. It is the master of password restoration of any type of 7zip file.

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