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Most of the time users save their important data in 7z files. With saving data users also encrypts it with passwords. But the difficulty arises when the user forgets the 7z file opening passwords. When a user comes in this situation, they become unable to access information from these encrypted 7z files.

So, to help those users who are in this same situation, we have written this blog post. Read this article from start to finish to know How to Open Encrypted 7Zip Files?.

With 7z files now it is easier to save large files or folders to our hard drive for a long time. 7zip is open-source software that authorizes users to save bulk folders to file to a single file with a .7z extension. With this 7z file type, a user can save their data with complete security and never get any data loss problem. 7z has a higher compression as compared to other file compression programs like- zip, rar, etc. 

In addition to compression, users also get the facility to encrypt 7z files with passwords during the archiving process. But losing the 7z file password can create a huge difficulty for users. Below we have mentioned some of the real users who query in situations similar to this.

User’s Query

User 1:- Recently i have switched from my older computer to new machine. For transfferring data i have compress the my drive folders and items in 7z file. But at the present i am unable to access this 7z Archive. The reason is my 7z archive file is has a password which is now forgootten by me. Can anyone provide me method to Open Encrypted 7Zip Files.

User 2:- Before a month, i have created backup of some of my important data in 7z archive files. While opening the 7z files i am facing problem, because i have lost its password. Now a want a solution Open my Encrypted 7Zip Files. Can anyone help for this..

Method/Solution to Open Encrypted 7Zip Files?

Extraction or opening 7z files is easy by taking the help of the winrar, 7-zip or other software. But the difficulty arises when a user lost the original password. So in the situation where a user has lost their password, the only technique which help you is to perform 7z File Password Recovery process. The only manual method to do this process is writing different password combinations and putting them in 7z files for removing encryptions. This method is a very time taking process and users will face difficulties while using this technique.

So, we recommend every person use automated software like- eSoftTools 7z password Recovery Software. The reason is, it has the fastest password recovery algorithms and provides different recovery strategies to recover lost passwords in simple steps.


Steps to Recover password & Open Encrypted 7Zip Files:-

  1. Download 7z Password Recovery tool of eSoftTools & perform its installation to your windows computer.
  2. Now launch the software and from first screen clik on Browse button to add your encrypted 7z files.
  3. Select a recovery technique from the provided three strategies:-
    • Brute Force Attack:- To recover a fully forgotten password by guessing the password with all possible character combinations.
    • Mask Attack:- Skip recovery of known chracters and only recover the forrgotten chracter of a lengthy password with this method
    • Dictionary Attack:- Recover any english word password easily with option. Search your 7z file password from the list of 10000+ words from its inbuilt dictionary file.
  4. After selection of recovery technique, click on Next to apply its additional options.
  5. Finally click on Recover button to start the recovery process.

Once the software provides your 7z file password, simply use the copy to the clipboard feature and get the recover password. Now enter this recovered password in your encrypted 7z file and open it without facing any problem.

Complete Working Video


Finally, we can say that opening encrypted 7Zip files is possible and easy when the user has the password. When a user has lost its 7z file password they have to recover it. The method to perform 7z file password recovery is using the automated tool eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software. It will quickly recover all numerical, alphabetic, and symbolic passwords with advanced recovery strategies like- Brute Force, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. To check the recovery process, the user can take help of its demo edition free of cost.


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