How to Fix Exchange Database Dirty Shutdown?

Last updated on January 29th, 2021 at 03:50 pm

Dirty Shutdown error signifies that the database of Exchange Server has malfunctioned. The main reason behind this sudden termination of database operation is losing access to backend storage files, corruption, sudden power-loss, etc.

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Why it actually happens?

This error occurs when the user loses the log file. A logfile is a repository of deep information that provides details of each event or communication with the organization. It is important that the log file should remain disconnected or detached from the database. If it is not available, then there occurs a dirty shutdown error in Exchange Server.

How to manually fix Exchange Database Dirty Shutdown Error?

To fix this error manually, the user needs to be aware of Eseutil commands.

Step 1- Create a back-up of all the database files including edb and stm and log files.

Step 2- Clean up the disk space.

Step 3- Before moving ahead, verify the consistency of the database by running the command. eseutil /mh  “path of the priv.edb”

(eg: eseutil /mh "c:\db\mailbox database.edb")

Step 4– Verify the status of Exchange database. The status should show Dirty Shutdown. If the exchange shows a dirty shutdown, You can repair it using Soft Repair command to resolve the error and if it doesn’t work, you can try Hard Repair command.

  • Soft repair command

Type this command eseutil /r – and run it from database folder and mention log chk file or mention this command: eseutil /r “prefix”<E00> /l <log file location> /d <database location>

(eg: Eseutil /r E00 /l c:\dblog /d c:\db)

Step 5- Verify the consistency of the database and if it shows clear shutdown. Then you can move ahead otherwise you have to run the hard repair.

  • Hard repair

Eseutil /plocation of mailbox database.edb“,

(eg: Eseutil /p "c:\program files\exchangesrvr\maildbdata\priv1.edb")

Step 6- Defragment the database using this command eseutil /d 

Eseutil /d “location of mailbox database.edb”,

(eg: Eseutil /p "c:\program files\exchangesrvr\maildbdata\priv1.edb")

Step 7- Verify the integrity of the database using this command. It may take 2 to 10 minutes to process the command. You can skip the command after soft recovery, but if you have done the hard repair, then it is a must to run it.

isinteg -s "name of the server" - test all tests.

If this command fails, the user needs to run another command

isinteg -s "servername" –fix –test –alltests.

The user has to run these commands constantly till all the errors are boiled down to zero or there are no changes in the status.

Now the user has to verify database consistency again using eseutil /mh. It must show clear shutdown status.

By following these steps users can fix Exchange Database Dirty Shutdown Error.

Automated method Fix Exchange Database Dirty Shutdown

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