How To Extract Email Attachments from EML files? Fastest Solution

Various users needs to extract attachments from EML files. Are you also one of those user who seeking for a tool to download or extract attachments from EML files? If this is what you’re thinking, don’t worry; we’re going to talk about it here. Through this blog post, we will provide you the best techniques to Extract Attachments from multiple EML files with single process…

The user may need to extract email attachments for a variety of reasons like- sharing attachments, opening email attachments separately, or doing another kind of work. When a user comes in this situation they search the topic like- “how to extract attachments from EML files?”.

Manually it is possible to download attachments from EML and save them to the desired location. But the manual process is not easy, takes a very long time, and also requires email clients installation.

To manually Extract attachments users have to open their EML emails one by one to download attachments. Due to this, it became a long and difficult process.

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To make the operation easier for users, below we have introduced the best approach for extracting attachments from bulk EML files without having to install an email client. But before this let’s see a real user’s query who is also facing the same situation and requires a solution.

Real User’s Query

“In my company, I recently received a case where i got some EML files from a client. I need to extract attachments from all these EML files. But the issue is that i can’t figure out how to download or extract attachments from EML files? One by one i can extract attachment from EML but i am don’t have enough time to do that. So, please recommend a simple and reliable method for extracting attachments from EML files.”

Simple & Easy Trick to Extract Attachments from EML Email files

The best solution that users can try to easily extract unlimited attachments from multiple EML files at a single time is using a tool like- eSoftTools EML Attachment Extractor Software. Users can use this software utility to extract attachments from a batch of EML files in an efficient way. Also, it offers a Preview Mode that allows the user to view the emails with attachments before starting the extraction process. In addition, users can also try this software to extract a specific attachment type. The user only needs to type in the name/extension of the attachment, and easily export and save them to the desired location on your system with simple steps.


To use this software for exporting EML attachments, follow the instructions outlined below:-

Step-by-Step Instructions to Extract Email Attachments from EML

  • Download, install, and run the EML Attachments Extractor Utility on your local PC.
Main Screen EML Attachment Extractor
  • Now, hit the Select EML Folder button on the menubar from welcome screen of the software.
  • From the next opened screen click on Select EML folder tab to browse the location of EML/EMLx files. Select the EML folders and hit the Next button.
Select EML/EMLX Folder
  • The software will now load all EML folders and email items, as well as display all Loaded Emails with attachments.
Email preview
  • Choose the required EML folders and press the Extract Email Attachments option from the top menu.
  • After this a new screen will appear with multiple saving and setting options.
    • Saving Location:- Choose a destination path to save the resulted attachments after extraction from EML emails.
    • Extract Type:- The software supports to Extract both attachmehts as well as email address from emails. To extract only attachments simply hit on the “Extract Attachments” option.
    • Atachments Options:- Software offers to users to save all attachments in single folder or create separate folder with email subject to save attachments individually. In addition, a user can choose to extract an attachment with a specific file extension from all EML files.
    • Other options:- Apply naming convention to save attachments with multiple predefined naming options by subject, date, from. Mail filtering option to extract attachments from emails of only required dates.
Extract and Save
  • Choose and apply the options as per your requirements and hit the Convert button to start the Attachments Extraction process.
Extract Attachments from EML files
  • After process completion you will get all your extracted attachments on your selected location.


When a user needs to extract attachments from EML files without installing an email client, almost every person faces a problem. As a result, in order to assist all those users, we have described a dependable and simple approach for extracting attachments from EML files with simple steps in this blog post. Anyone may use the EML Attachments Extractor’s free demo edition to test the software’s features without paying anything.


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