How To Extract 7z File Without Password? Instant Technique

To open/access some data from a 7z Archive file, it is necessary to Extract 7z file. If a user has the password it is easy to Extract 7z password but in case if you don’t have the password, what to do in that situation? If you are also thinking about this, then we want to tell you that, you have landed at your destination. In this article, we are going to discuss “How To Extract 7z File Without Password?” with an instant technique. Let’s start…

The most recommended file type for bulk folder and files compression is 7z. A wide range of users including IT Experts prefer using 7z file format to minimize bulk size folders. 7z offers a high compression ratio as compared to others archiving formats like- RAR, Zip, ISO, etc. Also, to secure data from unknown persons users can use the function of Encryption.

The file encryption process is helpful and also necessary to restrict our data from any unwanted user. But sometimes users face a scenario when they are unable to access their important data from 7z file. The reason behind this problem is a forgotten password.

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Keeping important passwords in mind is difficult, but if a user has skipped the password characters or words from the mind it becomes a very huge mistake. Because without the original password it is impossible to extract 7z file to access your important data.

Below mentioned are some of the real query who is facing the same situation and want a solution:-

Real User’s Query

User 1:- Hello, I am Edward from New York. Recently on my windows PC i have created 7z file to save some of my important data in it. Also, i have portected that file with a password. As a backup of my password i have save words and characters of my 7z file password in a txt file. After restartiung my computer i have seen that the txt file where i have saved the 7z password is now missing. I am unable to regain my password. Can anyone suggest me a method to Extract 7z File Without Password.

User 2:- A year ago one of my frinend has sented me some of my old images in an encrypted 7z file. But i am unable to open password-protected 7z file. At this time i am unable to contact my friend for getting the password. So now my question is “Is it possible to Extract 7z file without password?“. If yes, then please provide me the solution.

How to Extract 7z File Without Password? Instant Solution

If you are thinking to Extract 7z file without a password, then we want to tell you directly it is not possible. There is no direct method is available in the market that has the ability to Extract 7z files without a password.

But you don’t have to worry because a solution is available that can help users. The method that we are talking about is, Recover lost 7z Passwords using automated 7z Password Recovery Tool by eSoftTools.

With the eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software, without any effort, a user can easily and securely retrieve their lost passwords. It works on a very highly advanced algorithm and multiple features to make password recovery easier. After 7z Password Recovery Process, a user can securely and easily Extract Encrypted 7z file by putting the recovered password in the 7z file.


Steps to Extract 7z File Without Password:-

Below mentioned are the complete steps with two stages, simply follow all of them to easily extract 7z file without password:-

Stage 1:- Recover Lost 7z password Using eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Tool

  • Download the 7z Password Recovery Tool and launch it on any windows edition based computer.
  • From the first screen, hit on Browse File button to select the encrypted 7z file from its location.
  • After file selection, and importing proces choose a recovery method from the provided options:-
    • Brute Force Attack:- Select this option and search for password from the combination (numeric, alphabetic, symbolic characters)
    • Mask Attack:- Enter the known character of the password a retrieve only unknown digits/letters of lost password
    • Dictionary Attack:- Recover password with any english word from the in-built dictionary file of the software.
      (Note:- User can also modify and add a new dictionary file in the sofdtware to regain lost password)
  • Select the recovery method, hit on Next. Then set password length, caharacter set, apply other requird options.
  • Finally click on Recover to start the 7z Archive Password Recovery process.

The software will take a small time and after completion, it will show you the 7z password. Now utilize the copy to clipboard option to select and copy the entire text/characters of the password. For closing the application simply click on OK.

Working Video of 7z Password Recovery Software:-

Stage 2:- Extract 7z File With Recovered Password

  • Open Windows Explorer and visit to the 7z file location.
  • Right-click on your encrypted 7z file and hover the mouse cursor on 7-ZIP option.
  • Then click on anyone of the options Extract Files/Extract Here or Extract to “*_folder_*”
  • Simply start the data Extraction process from 7z Archive files.


User compresses their large size data by archiving them in 7z files, and also encrypt the 7z file with a password for security reasons. But in a case, where the user has forgotten the 7z file password it becomes very difficult to extract that file. Password is necessary to Extract 7z files. The only solution that will help you to recover lost 7z file passwords is using automated software like- eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery software. To know more about the features of this tool try its free demo version.

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